Activating & Pausing Your Loyalty Program

      Activating & Pausing Your Loyalty Program

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        You have the option to pause or activate your loyalty and referrals programs at any time. This article will cover what it means to activate or pause, and the implications of both.

        Please note:
        Pausing your program does not pause billing.

        Accessing the Pause/Activate button

        In the Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals main menu, go to Settings > General Settings. You'll see the Program Status button at the top of the page.

        If the program is paused, a yellow banner will appear at the top of your Loyalty & Referrals admin. You can reactivate the program at any time by clicking on the banner. 


        This status means that your program is live and your customers can engage with your program according to everything you have set up. This may include earning/redeeming points and rewards, earning rewards for referrals, and entering VIP Tiers.


        You have the option of temporarily disabling your Loyalty & Referrals Program. Pausing your program means customers cannot use any of your programs. For example, they can’t earn/redeem points or rewards, they can’t earn rewards for making referrals, and they can’t enter or earn towards a VIP Tier.

        More things to know about pausing:

        • Customer point balance is not affected
          Pausing the program does not affect customers' reward balance or progress toward VIP Tiers.
        • Existing coupons will remain usable
          If a customer has a coupon code that was created before you pause your program, they will still be able to apply the discount, even while your program is paused.

        Pausing with on-site modules

        If you're using the Rewards Page Builder or On-site Modules, customers can still see them and participate in earning rules when you pause your program customers, however, they will not earn rewards for any earning rule they complete.

        Please note:
        Pausing your program does not hide your On-site Modules from customers. Therefore we highly recommend if you pause your program that you also Deactivate your Module in order to hide it from your site for the duration that your program is paused.

        Pausing with the Rewards Popup

        If you implemented on-site using the Rewards Popup when you pause your program the tab will be hidden from your website, and customers can not earn/redeem rewards, or enter a VIP tier, and they will not trigger email notifications.

        Reactivating a paused program

        A few things to note when you are reactivating your program after pausing it.

        Your program settings will be saved

        All customizations applied prior to pausing your program will be saved. That means you will not need to re-customize your program after reactivating.

        Triggered Emails will be sent

        When you reactivate your program, it may cause triggered emails to be sent out. Make sure you check your email settings before you reactivate a paused program.

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