Adobe Commerce 2: Installing Yotpo Reviews Extension 4.0.0+

      Adobe Commerce 2: Installing Yotpo Reviews Extension 4.0.0+

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        In this article, you'll learn how to integrate Yotpo into your Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) store. To ensure the installation process goes smoothly, we recommend that you follow the instructions carefully and make sure you don’t skip any of the steps.

        If you’re looking for information about integrating Loyalty & Referrals, see Setting Up Loyalty & Referrals on Adobe Commerce 2.

        What's supported

        The Yotpo extension supports all versions of Adobe Commerce 2 from 2.3.3 for both Adobe Open Source (previously Magento Community Edition) and Adobe Commerce (previously Magento Enterprise Edition).

        If you’re using an earlier version of Adobe Commerce 2, please upgrade or contact your Yotpo representative.

        Upgrading your existing Reviews extension

        This section is relevant only for merchants who are upgrading from the preinstalled VBE.

        When you install the new extension, all of your existing settings will be copied across automatically. If you want to make any changes, you’ll be able to do so through the configuration page of the new extension.

        The following will happen when you install the new extension:

        • Your previous extension will be upgraded.
        • The new extension will be disabled by default. In order to sync your orders to Yotpo, and to continue sending out review requests (as defined in your previous configurations), you’ll need to enable it. See Enabling the Yotpo module

        Installing the new extension

        We recommend that the following steps be implemented by an experienced Adobe Commerce administrator or developer.

        To install the new extension with Composer, do the following:

        1. Open the command line.
        2. Run all of the following mandatory commands, one after the other, in your Adobe Commerce 2 installation directory:
        composer require yotpo/module-yotpo-combined --no-update
        composer update 'yotpo/*'
        php bin/magento maintenance:enable
        php bin/magento setup:upgrade
        php bin/magento setup:di:compile
        php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
        php bin/magento maintenance:disable
        php bin/magento cache:flush
        Please note:
        To install a specific Yotpo plugin version, just add the version number at the end of the command, for example, “composer require yotpo/module-yotpo-combined:4.0.1”. If you don’t include a version number, the most recent version will be installed.

        Setting up the new extension

        Please note:

        When installing the Yotpo Reviews and SMSBump extensions, all 3 modules (Yotpo_Core, Yotpo_Reviews, and Yotpo_Smsbump) are enabled by default. All 3 modules are required for the full functionality of the extension. 

        Use the following command to verify that the modules are enabled:

        bin/magento module:status

        To set up the new extension, refer to the relevant guide below:

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