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      Review Request Emails FAQ

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        What are automatic review requests?

        Automatic review requests are post-purchase emails or text messages that are used to automatically collect site and/or product reviews from past shoppers. They are synced with orders placed through your store and are triggered to be sent several days (configurable) following order placement.

        How do automatic review requests work?

        Once a day the Yotpo system retrieves all the orders which your store has processed in the last 24 hours. Data from these orders are then used to queue up automatic review requests to be sent out to the relevant shoppers. By default, automatic review requests are sent 14 days after an order is processed (you can modify the number of days at any time).

        In order to maximize the number of reviews generated, Yotpo has included a form within the email so customers simply need to fill in the fields and click submit. If a customer forgets to fill in any of these fields, Yotpo redirects them to a landing page and informs them that they forgot to fill in one of the fields.

        What happens if the customer orders multiple products?

        The first review is collected straight from within the actual review request email. Once the initial review is submitted, the multiple-product form automatically kicks in automatically and the shopper is prompted to submit reviews for all remaining purchases via a seamless data-driven experience. 

        The order in which products are presented within the form is set via your review request settings. You can opt to first display the most expensive products, or alternatively display the least reviewed products first in order to help generate more content.

        Learn more about multiple-product review forms

        How soon after installation does Yotpo send automatic review requests?

        Currently, Yotpo does not support the functionality to set different times for review request emails. However, it is possible to set up two reminder emails - one to be set up soon after purchase (say two weeks), and one to be set up a few months after purchase - customers who write a review when they receive the first reminder email, will not receive the second one. Customers who did not yet write a review will receive the second email.

        Are automatic review requests sent for past orders?

        After successfully integrating Yotpo with your store, Yotpo's system will do a one-time retrieval of all your past order data and processes these orders just like any regular order. Automatic review requests are sent for these past orders within the first 48 hours of joining Yotpo.Merchants using Yotpo have reported receiving hundreds of reviews within the first 24 hours of joining Yotpo. This process is automatic for all hosted platforms.

        If you are a Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce or Volusion customer, your past orders will automatically be pulled when you enable automatic review requests.For Adobe Commerce and all other platforms, you will need to activate this feature manually.

        How do I know how many automatic review requests are being sent to my customers?

        When a customer orders an item, Yotpo sends out an automatic review request email after X days, where X is the number of days defined in your automatic review request settings.

        By default, it will be sent 14 days after purchase. If the customer did not leave a review, a reminder email will be send five days after the original Review Request was sent. The second reminder email will be sent out only if the customer did not leave a review following the first two emails.

        You can keep track of your review requests in the Review Requests Dashboard.

        Can I stop sending automatic review requests?

        Of course! However, we highly recommend using this feature, as the automatic review request emails are one of the most effective ways to generate new sales and reviews.

        To stop all automatic emails:

        1. From the Yotpo Reviews main menu, go to Emails > Emails Flows

        2. Click Edit on the  Standard email flow.

        3. Click Setting in the top right corner.

        4. Choose Deactivate.

        To stop specific automatic emails:

        If you want to stop specific emails from being sent out, please contact our support team and include the following information:

        • Relevant account ID 

        • Details of the orders you wish to invalidate: Either a date range of orders or the External order IDs

        What happens when I change the "Days After Purchase" setting?

        If you change this setting to a lower value, it will send all emails whose due date has passed based on the new date. For example, if you reduce the days after purchase from 14 days to seven days, all the emails that are due to be sent between days 7 and 14 will be sent out. If you change this setting to a higher value, it will send all emails according to the new later date.

        Click here to learn more about how automatic review requests are scheduled

        Why should I send automatic review requests to my past orders?

        Sending automatic review requests to customers who placed orders prior to your installation of Yotpo is a great way to help your store generate even more reviews and sales. This allows you to enjoy Yotpo's benefits even when you didn't have Yotpo installed on your site.

        I pushed the button - when will review requests be sent out?

        It may take a few days until automatic review requests are sent. Please be patient. Make sure your orders were marked appropriately for the platform you are using

        If you don't notice the emails have been sent after 5-7 days, please contact us

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