Creating a Redeemable Custom Coupon Reward

      Creating a Redeemable Custom Coupon Reward

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        The Custom Coupon reward allows you to manually upload codes for redeemable rewards that will be applied on a platform or 3rd party app that Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals does not directly integrate with.

        Creating a new Custom Coupon

        1. From the main menu go to Set Up Program > Rewards Program.
        2. Under Ways to redeem, click Create reward.
        3. Select Custom Coupon from the Reward type drop-down menu. 
        4. Click Next.

        Setting up your Custom Coupon

        There are some settings that are unique to the Custom Coupon:

        • Where the coupon will be used? - This setting impacts which In-store Module this reward will appear in.
        • Coupon Value in Cents - This value is displayed as part of your investment in the performance dashboards.
        • When the number of unused codes goes below this number, a webhook notification will be sent - This determines the threshold on which the "Redemption Below Threshold" event will be triggered. 
        Use this setting to create an automated flow for uploading new codes for your Custom Coupon reward via API.

        Adding codes 

        Once you’ve created and set up your Custom Coupon reward, you will need to upload your codes to make it redeemable by customers in your store.

        To upload new codes, do the following:

        1. Create the codes on the platform or 3rd party app where they will apply. Your customers will receive these codes upon redemption and be able to use them on the designated platform or 3rd party app.
        2. Gather and format the codes into a CSV file. Organize the file with one code per row.
        3. On the main Redeemable Rewards page, find the Custom Coupon reward you just created.
        4. Click Add codes.

        1. You have the option to either upload a CSV file with your codes, or enter them one-by-one.
          If you have more than just a few codes, we recommend uploading them in a CSV file. Otherwise, enter them individually in the text box.
          Please note:
          CSV uploads currently support up to 500 codes per file. If you are trying to upload more than 500 codes, copy & paste the codes from your file into the text box.
        1. You can see the number of remaining codes available on the main Redeemable Rewards page.

        Please note:
        • The number of available codes will go down every time a customer redeems a Custom Coupon and uses its associated code in your store.
        • To add more codes to your Custom Coupon in addition to the ones you already have available, hover over the reward, click the ellipsis icon (3 dots) on the right, and click Add codes.

        Clearing codes

        If you want to clear all codes, do the following:

        1. Hover over your Custom Coupon reward.
        2. Click the ellipsis icon (3 dots) on the right.
        3. Click Clear codes.

        Adding codes using an automated flow via API

        Please note:
        Implementing this flow requires dev resources.

        You can create an automation that will be triggered by our event and will automatically upload new codes to the relevant Custom Coupon reward 

        To set up an automatic flow via API, do the following:

        1. Set up a webhook URL.
          • From the main menu on the left, go to Settings
          • In the Webhook URL field, enter the URL that will receive our event notifications.

        1. Set up the webhook notification threshold.
          • From the main menu on the left, go to Set Up Program. Then, click Redeemable Rewards
          • Hover over the Custom Coupon reward, then click Edit
          • Under the When the number of unused codes goes below this number, a webhook notification will be sent field, enter the codes threshold that will trigger the webhook notification
          • On the bottom of the page, click Save Coupon
        2. Upload new codes.Once the webhook notification is triggered, the "Redemption Below Threshold" event will be sent to the webhook URL you set up.

        The event will contain the redemption_option_id of the Custom Coupon, as well as its name, and the entire redemption option (coupon) object. You can now use these parameters to trigger a bulk creation of the relevant type of coupons on the platform or 3rd party app and push them into Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals using the Upload Coupon Codes API call.

        This will complete the flow and ensure your customers can continue redeeming their points for the different Custom Coupons.

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