Creating a Targeted Product Review

      Creating a Targeted Product Review

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        Manual product review requests allow you to engage your customers by requesting product reviews. It’s as simple as uploading a CSV file that includes your customer names, emails, and relevant product IDs. We’ll then trigger product review requests for each entry generating more reviews - and more sales! 

        In this article, you'll learn how to create a manual product review request email and send it to your customers.

        How it works

        You can send a targeted email to a single email address or upload a CSV file with multiple addresses and the related product IDs.

        The review request emails are sent out according to Yotpo’s email policies. To learn more about our email policies, see our Email Policies article.

        The received reviews can be seen and moderated in your Yotpo Reviews Moderation panel. Moderated reviews are shown on the SEO Page and in the Reviews Tab.

        The reviews are also sent to Google and will appear in Google Shopping. To learn more about how Yotpo reviews are displayed in Google, see our Google Shopping Syndication article.


        You can send up to 2,500 product review emails in total. For this reason, the uploaded CSV cannot contain more than 2,500 email addresses.

        Once you’ve reached the limit of 2,500 sent targeted emails, you will not be able to send additional targeted product review request emails.

        Before you start

        Before you can send targeted product reviews, you will need to upload your updated product catalog.

        To learn how to update your catalog, choose the platform relevant to you:

        Setting up the targeted review email

        To set up manual review request emails:

        1. From the Yotpo Reviews main menu, go to Emails > Targeted Product Review.

        2. Choose whether you want to send the request to an individual customer or multiple customers. 

        • If you choose the Multiple recipients option, you will be able to download a CSV template and fill in the customer names, email addresses, and products to review. Once the file is filled, click Upload CSV to upload the file.

        Can’t find this in your Yotpo account?

        If you can’t access the feature or see a different interface, please reach out to our support team

        Customizing the email

        Changing the design

        When choosing the design for your targeted product review emails, you can choose to apply the main email design you have chosen for your Review Request Email, or change it up by using the advanced email editor.

        Editing the text

        You can edit the email subject line and email body. You can also add personalization tags.

        Adding personalization tags to your email

        Personalization tags are dynamic parameters for engagement and use data from your store to turn each email into a specific email rather than sending out a general email every time.

        These are the tags you can use:



        Shopper name

        Automatically add the customer’s name to your message.

        Store name

        Automatically add your store’s name to your message, as written under your account settings.

        Product name

        Automatically add the product’s name to your message, as listed in your product catalog.

        These tags can be used in the email subject and body fields. If you want to add the tags to the subject line, you need to manually add the relevant tag in the following format:

        • {{}}

        • {{}}

        • {{}}

        Please note:

        The test email shows the content and design. Personalization tags and product photos are not substituted with real data.

        Spam filter

        The Spam Filter helps you avoid sending your customers too many review request emails.

        If the filter is turned off, we’ll send a manual product review request to customers who have not received any of the following emails over the past 14 days:

        If the filter is turned on, we’ll send a manual product review request to customers who have not received any of the following emails over the past 14 days:

        The shopper must also not be due to receive any review request emails within the next 2 days.

        Uploading a CSV file of your target customers


        • We recommend that you download the sample file and edit it

        • We recommend using LibreOffice or Google Sheets when working with the downloaded file.

        Downloading the Example CSV file

        To download the example CSV file:

        1. Click Download example.

        2. Save the file according to your browser.

        CSV file structure

        The structure of the CSV file must be identical to the example you downloaded



        Product ID

         Randy Schultz 


        Helen Harden 


        To learn how to find the correct product ID, see Finding Product IDs in Your E-Commerce Platform.

        CSV file encoding

        The CSV file must be saved in UTF-8 format. If you are unable to do so through your Excel version, follow the steps given here.

        Make sure you do that before proceeding to the next step of uploading the file.


        • The CSV file you upload must have only three columns (id, name, and email address) with up to 2,500 customers

        • The file must include the header row and be in the UTF-8 encoding format

        • Product specification values are case-sensitive

        Error message

        If there is a problem with the file that you uploaded, you will receive an error message. You cannot send the Manual Review Requests if you see this error message. 




        More than 2500 emails

        The file contains more than 2,500 rows

        Edit the file and re-upload it

        Sending the emails

        Please note:

        Once a customer writes a review via the targeted product review request, a verified buyer badge will appear next to their name in the Reviews Widget.

        Once you have uploaded the CSV file and are happy with the email content, click Send. The review request emails are sent out according to Yotpo email policies.

        After the list is processed, you receive an email with a delivery summary and an attached CSV file that indicates specific errors.

        "Hi Yotpo Reviews, 300 Emails were sent successfully. 5 Emails were invalid or failed to send.

        Download the attached file to view the report."

        The reviews that you receive from the Manual Review Request emails will appear on your product pages according to your Moderation settings.

        Error messages

        Error messages are shown in the "Failures" column in the CSV file that is sent to your email after the targeted emails are processed and sent:




        Product ID doesn't exist

        The product ID in the row does not appear in the catalog

        Edit the product ID in the Manual Product Review Request CSV file or correct it in the product catalog.

        Product ID is required

        The product ID is missing.

        Add a product ID and re-upload.

        Invalid Product ID

        The Product ID can only contain alphanumeric (a...z, A...Z, 0...9), '_' and '-' characters.

        Check the Product ID and re-upload.

        Product ID should contain alphanumeric (a...z, A...Z, 0...9), '_' and '-' characters.

         Invalid Product ID

        Please make sure your product ID answers follow these rules:

        • Any combination of leading zeros (“0”), leading spaces, and leading dashes (“-“) are automatically stripped from the product specification values

        • Product specification values support alphanumeric (a...z, A...Z, 0...9), "_" and "-" characters only

        • Product specifications values are case-sensitive

        Email is required

        The row does not contain an email address.

        Enter an email address.

        Insert valid email address

        The email address does not use the format user@domain.

        Check the email address.

        Name is required

        The row does not contain a reviewer name

        Add a name and re-upload.

        Duplicate email

        The email address is included more than once in the file.

        Remove any duplicate email addresses.

        Exceeds review request limit

        You have sent the maximum number of emails.


        User unsubscribed

        The customer has requested not to receive product review requests.


        A review request was sent within the last 14 days

        You sent a targeted product review to the customer within the past 14 days.

        You must wait at least 30 days.

        Another review request is scheduled for this customer within one day

        The customer is due to receive an Automatic Request within the next day.


        Failed to send email (General error)

        The number of undelivered emails. Failure to deliver an email can occur if the recipient's mailbox is full (over quota), the recipient's email server is down or offline, the email message is too large, or if the email triggered a spam filter.


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