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        Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals allows you to create reward options that go beyond discounts and store credit.  With Custom Rewards, your customers will be able to redeem their points in exchange for unique experiences, donations to charities, and any other reward option of your choice.

        As the Custom Reward redemption does not trigger a direct reward, it is vital to implement a flow that will deliver the reward to the customer who redeemed it.

        Creating a Custom Reward

        1. In your Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals main menu, go to Set Up Program> Rewards.
        2. Click on Create a New Coupon.
        3. Select the Custom Reward coupon type.
        Please note:
        To ensure that the Custom Reward is displayed as part of your investment in the performance dashboards, make sure to put the reward's value under the Coupon Value in Cents setting.


        Redeeming the reward

        The Custom Reward isn't compatible with the Redeem Points Interactive module and you will need to build a custom frontend UI where customers can choose a custom reward. Use our Create Redemption API endpoint to send a call to Yotpo to inform us which reward the customer has selected so we can deduct a correct number of points form the customer's point balance.

        To find the coupon's redemption_option_id :

        1. In your Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals main menu, go to Set Up Program> Rewards.
        2. Select the relevant custom coupon.
        3. Copy the ID at the top of the settings section.

        Rewarding the Custom Reward

        Because the Custom Reward redemption gives rewards that are not generated by Yotpo, you will need to set up either a manual or automatic flow to ensure that customers are given what they redeemed their points for.

        Below are three gifting options at your disposal:


        Customers redeeming the Custom Reward will get a 'Loyalty Custom Reward Created' event triggered for them, allowing you to create a custom email flow within your ESP that will send out an email with the reward details.

        Example: If you wish to allow your customers to redeem points for a chat consultation with product experts in your company, you can have the custom reward trigger an email with a link where your customer can schedule their consultation with your experts.


        Please note:
        We recommend using the services of a developer to integrate this customization into your website.

        Any Custom Reward redemption will trigger an event to your webhook URL. You can use this event to trigger a custom flow to reward the customer with their custom reward or complete the action redeemed by the customer. 

        Example: If you wish to allow your customers to redeem points for a donation, you can set up a flow that donates a fixed amount of dollars on their behalf, triggered by the 'Loyalty Custom Reward Created' event being sent to your webhook URL.

        Redemptions Report

        You can export a redemptions report to gather a list of all the customers who redeemed points for your custom experience. This is the more manual option of the three and may require some time to go over the customer list. For that reason, it is important to set expectations with your customers in case this causes a delay in receiving their reward. 

        Example: If you wish to allow your customers to redeem points for a raffle entry, you can adjust the wording to explain that they will be notified of their win/loss once the raffle is finished. 

        Then, once the raffle entry timeframe is done, pull a redemptions report (from Performance > Reports > Redemptions Report), and filter the redemptions based on the 'Description' column to find a list of all the relevant customers (as well as multiple occurrences of customers who redeemed multiple times), to draw the raffle winners.

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