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        Facebook & Instagram syndication lets you showcase product ratings, reviews, and Q&A you collected on Yotpo on your Facebook and Instagram shops.

        In this article, you’ll learn how to syndicate your user-generated content to Facebook and Instagram.

        How it works

        The syndication workflow is as follows:

        1. A shopper submits a product review for one of your products.
        2. Once a week, we send all of your product reviews and published Q&A to Facebook and Instagram.
          What do we send?
          We share all reviews and their status (published/rejected). For reviews that were rejected, we share the reason for the rejection.
        3. Facebook and Instagram try to match the reviews to products in your Facebook and Instagram shops, using product identifiers from your product catalog such as product name, product URL, and GTINs.
        4. Facebook and Instagram posts successfully matched reviews on the relevant products, with language indicating each review’s origin.
        5. Once a week, you’ll receive a report with the status of your syndicated reviews. Learn more about the Facebook Syndication email report


        Before you start

        To start using Facebook & Instagram syndication, you’ll need:

        • An active Facebook or Instagram shop with Facebook Checkout. Learn more
        • At least one type of product identifier in your product catalog, either GTIN or product URL
        • A Yotpo account with published content
        Please note:
        • Facebook & Instagram syndication is in beta and Q&A will currently not be displayed on your shop.
        • Facebook or Instagram may not publish specific content including, for example, if the content violates their policies or they cannot match the content to a product.
        • Reviews will display only to shoppers on mobile devices.
        • If you don't see this feature in your account, contact your Yotpo representative or reach out to our support team.

        Connecting your account

        1. In your Yotpo Reviews main menu, go to Meta & Google > Meta Syndication.
        2. Click Connect.
        Check if your account is eligible to showcase reviews and help us match your products faster, by linking your Facebook Business Account to Yotpo. You’ll also be kept up-to-date about your syndication eligibility status.

        It can take a while before you start seeing your content live on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re still not seeing your reviews after 4 weeks, please contact your Yotpo representative or reach out to our support team.

        Connection status

        You will now start receiving weekly Facebook syndication status report emails. You can see the connection status between Yotpo and your social shop at the top of the email.

        • If your account is connected, the email will show the connected status and you will see the number of syndicated review

        • If Yotpo was not yet able to connect to your social shop, the email will show the unmatched status

        Please note:
        It may take up to 14 days to see your reviews live on Facebook. 

        If it takes more than 30 days to establish a connection with Facebook, Yotpo will stop trying to connect. This means that we will stop sending Facebook the reviews feed for your products. 

        This will normally happen if Facebook’s social shop requirements were not fully met. This includes using Facebook’s online checkout.

        If you’d like to try again, please make sure to answer all of Facebook’s requirements before you try to reconnect. 


        Will all of my ratings and reviews from Yotpo appear in my Facebook and Instagram shop?

        Facebook or Instagram may choose not to publish specific content including, for example, if the content violates reviews in accordance with their policies or they cannot match the content to a product. To give yourself the best chance of your content being published, make sure you’re using the same identifiers (GTIN or product URL) in your Yotpo and Facebook and Instagram product catalogs so that Facebook and Instagram can match your Yotpo reviews with the products you are listing.

        How long does it take for product reviews to show up in my shop?

        Product reviews can take 2-4 weeks from when they were originally created in Yotpo to when they are syndicated, matched, and displayed in your shop.

        If I change my product identifiers after opting into Facebook and Instagram syndication, will these changes be automatically updated on Facebook?

        Yes! We send regular weekly feeds to Facebook and Instagram that include new reviews and any changes you made to your product catalog.

        Can I syndicate site reviews to my Facebook Page?

        No, Facebook & Instagram Syndication is for syndicating product reviews only.

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