Generic (Other Platforms): Installing the Yotpo Star Rating

      Generic (Other Platforms): Installing the Yotpo Star Rating

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        The star rating is the element that contains the aggregated score of a product and how many users wrote a review about that product. The total amount of reviews written will appear next to the aggregated star rating.

        Below, see an example of the star rating on a product page.


        To install the Star Rating widget, add the following code to your product pages:

        Please note:
        The data attributes should be replaced with the values of the relevant variables representing each element.

        <div class="yotpo bottomLine"
        data-url="The url to the page where the product is url escaped">
        Please note:
        The data-product-id attribute only supports alphanumeric (a...z, A...Z, 0...9) and "_" and "-" symbols.

        The star rating will only appear next to products that have reviews. When the star rating is installed, if you click on it it will bring you to all the reviews of the product, which is why people usually insert the star rating code somewhere close to the product description near the top of the page.

        If you are experiencing problems with Star Rating installation, try moving your Star Rating code around until it is in a position that does not affect the layout of your store.If you experience issues with this feature, please contact Yotpo Support.

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