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      Grouping Products

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        Product Grouping allows you to create groups of related products and share reviews between all the products in the same group. For example, say you sell a certain style of shoe in a range of color variants. Your customers may only leave a small number of reviews for each color. By grouping products, you can show reviews for all the colors for that style.

        Another great use is to leverage all your reviews when you launch a new product, for example, a new color of a shoe. Add the product to the appropriate group and your visitors will see reviews for similar products.

        In this article, you'll learn how to group products.

        How it works

        Visitors to your store will see the aggregated Star Rating count and the average score for grouped products in key areas of your store:

        Yotpo cannot guarantee that grouped product reviews will be syndicated to Google Shopping as it is entirely up to Google - Google uses its own algorithms that process the grouped reviews in a way that is not disclosed to Yotpo or its customers.

        Below you can see how the grouped review will look on-site:

        The following general attributes are shown for grouped reviews:

        1. Average review score
        2. Custom Question results (on selected Yotpo plans only)
        3. Total number of reviews

        Grouping requirements and limitations

        • The "Product Group" column in the Product Catalog is limited to 100 characters and supports only lowercase alphanumeric characters (a...z, 0...9) and the "_" and "-" symbols. Make sure not to use spaces in your product group.
        • You can assign each product to 1 group only.
        • Each group can have up to 1,000 products assigned to it.
        • Reviews of grouped products may take up to 24 hours to appear on-site following a successful product catalog update
        • When an order contains several products from the same group, the review request email for that order will only include one product from that group

        How to group products

        You can create new product groups and group or ungroup products through your Product Catalog.

        For Shopify users

        To learn more about how to easily group products via Shopify tags, see Keeping Your Shopify and Yotpo Product Catalogs Updated.

        For Adobe Commerce users using the Yotpo 4.X.X extension

        To avoid any conflicts in your product catalog, we recommend you create your product groups in the Adobe Commerce Admin. Learn more about managing your product catalog.

        To group products, do the following:

        1. Create a group name, e.g. mountain_shoes
        2. Add the group name for the products you want to group in the Product Group column in your Product Catalog. To learn more, go to the Importing Product Catalogs and Updating The Product Catalog.

        We recommend that you only group related products. Grouping unrelated products may detrimentally impact your SEO and some advanced Google features.

        Where do the grouped reviews appear in the Reviews Widget?

        The widget will show grouped reviews after the native reviews for the specific product, however, those reviews will show according to your settings.

        For example, if sorting is by badge and then by score, the Reviews Widget will show native reviews from verified buyers, then grouped reviews from verified buyers, then native reviews with 5-star ratings, and so on.

        Please note:
        Reviews of grouped products may take up to 24 hours to appear on-site following a successful product catalog update

        Reviews for products on your blocklist

        Reviews for products on your blocklist will show in grouped products, but only those reviews that were collected prior to adding the product to the blocklist. The link for the product on the blocklist, however, will not be clickable.

        New reviews for products on your blocklist will not appear for any of the grouped products. New reviews for other products in the group will likewise not appear on the product on your blocklist.

        Syndicated reviews

        Syndicated reviews appear after grouped reviews.

        See the example below:

        CriterionOrder in Reviews Widget
        1. BadgeNative reviews from verified buyers

        Grouped reviews from verified buyers

        Syndicated reviews from verified buyers
        2. Score Native reviews with 5-star ratings

        Grouped reviews with 5-star ratings

        Syndicated reviews with 5-star ratings

        Customizing the grouped product reviews

        By default, the following are shown in grouped product reviews: 

        • The attribution - The source of the review
        • A link from the group review attribution to the original product
        • Grouped products in the Photos Carousel, for example, all colors of the shoe)

        If you don't want them displayed, please contact Yotpo and we shall be happy to help

        1The grouped review
        2Attribution (the product the review was written for)
        Please note:
        Make sure to upgrade to the latest version of the Yotpo widget for the attribution to show.

        Best practices

        • Group out-of-stock products, including products on your blocklist, to leverage those products' reviews
        • Product launches - When launching a new product, group it with similar products to gain traction
        • Samples - Group reviews for samples and products if automatic review request emails are sent for samples to leverage all the reviews

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