How to Get More Subscribers

      How to Get More Subscribers

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        We've put together five easy ways to help you grow your subscriber base and boost your revenue: 

        1. Offer more subscription products

        The first step to gaining more subscribers is to offer more of your products on a subscription basis.

        We recommend offering subscriptions on your best selling products and products that your customers purchase frequently.


        • Increase conversion from more product pages
        • Increase awareness of your subscription offerings
        • Turn more one-time purchases into recurring revenue

        See how to offer more subscription products on your store. 

        2. Discounts, discounts, discounts!

        It’s no secret that shoppers love discounts and that discounts drive sales. With subscription discounts, every sale turns into a lasting relationship, and earns you more revenue over time. Benefits: 

        • Put shoppers at ease and delight customers 
        • Attract new customers with discounts 
        • Convert existing customers into lifetime subscribers 
        • Earn more revenue over longer periods of time

        To offer discounts on subscriptions, make sure your subscription plans include discounts for all delivery options.

        You can promote your most frequent delivery options by offering them at a larger discount rate.

        3. Promote subscriptions

        Make sure everyone visiting your store knows you're offering subscriptions by adding an announcement bar to your Shopify store.

        To add an announcement bar, follow these easy steps:

        1. Log into Shopify and go to Online Store > Themes.
        2. Find the theme that you want to edit, and then click Customize.
        3. Under Announcement bar, click Add Announcement.
        4. Enter your announcement text (i.e., your subscriptions promotional text).
        5. Using the dropdown options, select a color from your theme settings.
        Include a link to a specific subscription page directly from your announcement bar to drive more traffic and help users find your offers. Simply click the Link field and select a specific subscription product page, or other dedicated subscription page.

        Learn more about adding an announcement bar in the Shopify help center.

        4. SMS campaigns

        With open rates near 100%, sending SMS campaigns is one of the most effective ways to spread the word and win more subscribers. 

        With Yotpo SMS & Email, you can easily create and send actionable SMS campaigns in just minutes:

        1. Write your own promotional content, or choose from dozens of ready-made templates.
        2. Add direct links to product pages you want to promote subscriptions for.
        3. Optimize your campaigns by segmenting customers who’ve made recent purchases.
        4. Don’t forget to mention subscription discounts in your SMS campaigns! 

        5. Email campaigns

        Email campaigns are a fast, cost-effective way to reach your entire customer base at once, including your international customers. Follow the same steps for creating SMS campaigns.

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