How to Use A/B Testing in Flows

      How to Use A/B Testing in Flows

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        Did you know you can run A/B testing to boost the performance and results of your Yotpo SMS & Email Flows?

        You might have already noticed the option in the top left corner of your Flow editor. If you enable it, you'll be able to perform A/B testing of your flow with several different text messages.

        This way you can test various options on a small group of subscribers and see which will achieve the best results. The top-performing message will be sent out to the rest of your subscribers.

        Here is how to set up A/B testing in flows in 3 easy steps:

        1. Enable A/B testing from the top left corner of your Flow editor.
        2. Set up A/B testing rules. First, choose the number of test messages: 2, 3 or 4. Then, select a split factor. It means to choose how the performance of the test messages will be measured: by amount of orders, revenue, or number of clicks. And last, but not least - set up a threshold. The first test message to reach this threshold will be the winner of the A/B test.
        3. Draft the content of all test messages.

        And that was it - your A/B testing is now ready to be launched!

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