Importing Reviews to Yotpo

      Importing Reviews to Yotpo

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        Supported plans

        Free, Starter, Pro, Premium, Enterprise

        eCommerce Platform

        Shopify, Shopify Plus, Adobe Commerce (Magento), BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Volusion, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Custom

        Changing your reviews solution doesn’t mean you should say goodbye to hard-earned reviews. You can proudly present any and all reviews collected outside of Yotpo by importing your existing reviews into your  Yotpo account.

        How it works

        The way you import your existing reviews to Yotpo will depend on the e-commerce platform you’re using and your particular plan.

        Select the most suitable solution from the options below:

        If your current e-commerce platform is Shopify and you’re on a Free or Starter plan

        Import all existing product reviews you collected outside of Yotpo directly through the Yotpo interface and display them on your store. Learn more about Importing Reviews Through The Yotpo Interface

        If you use a different e-commerce platform and/or you’re on an annual or Pro plan

        Add your reviews to our dedicated import file and submit it to our support team. We’ll take care of uploading your reviews to Yotpo. Learn more about Importing Reviews With Yotpo Support

        If you want to import site reviews

        You can do so using the manual file import solution. Due to Google requirements, any site reviews imported into Yotpo will not be eligible for Google seller ratings. Learn more about Importing Reviews With Yotpo Support

        Exporting reviews

        Before you can import your reviews to Yotpo, you'll first need to export them from your current provider. Follow the platform-specific instructions below:


        Follow the instructions in the Shopify Help Center.


        You can import reviews directly from BigCommerce native reviews app. The import process is done via BigCommerce API, so there is no need to export or manually handle files.

        To import the reviews you'll first need to install the BigCommerce native reviews app and Yotpo Reviews on your store:

        Once you're done, submit a support ticket with the following text:

        Please import my Bigcommerce reviews into Yotpo. Send me a file with the data from BigCommerce to review before importing - Yes / No Apply Verified Buyer badge - Yes / No Thank You.

        Please note:

        Since BigCommerce reviews don't fully match Yotpo's format, certain types of data may be modified or lost.

        Known Yotpo-BigCommerce format mismatches/limitations:

        • Reviews with no content - Review will not be imported

        • Reviews with no title - The title will be imported with the first 4 words of the content

        • Reviews without a user display name - These reviews will be imported as "Anonymous"

        • Reviews will be imported by default with an "Anonymous" badge. If you are importing reviews by Verified Buyers, please be sure to mention it in your ticket

        Additionally, since BigCommerce does not require a product image, products may be imported into Yotpo without an image. If you want to associate images with such reviews please let us know through the ticket. Some of our features utilize product images and we strongly recommend adding them.


        To export reviews from WooCommerce:

        1. Log into the Yotpo plugin within your Wordpress admin.

        2. Click Export Reviews in the bottom left hand corner of the Yotpo plugin.

        3. Once you have exported your reviews, send the files to  Yotpo Support via the online support form, and Yotpo will import the reviews for you.

        If you are unable to export your Yotpo reviews using this process, please open the following page in your Woocommerce FTP:wp-content\plugins\yotpo-social-reviews-for-woocommerce\classes\class-wc-yotpo-export-reviews.php

        Change the following in line 130:$current_review['product_description'] = $this->cleanContent($product_instance->get_post_data()->post_excerpt);into this line:$current_review['product_description'] = $this->cleanContent(get_post($value->product_id)->post_excerpt);

        Try exporting the reviews again as you did before.


        Exporting reviews:

        1. From the header options, choose “Inventory”. Then click on “Import/Export”.

        2. Click on “Standard Export”

        3. Choose to “Export from Reviews”

        4. Click “Check All”.

        5. Choose  "CSV" as the File Format

        6. Click "Export"

        7. Download the file

        Exporting product information:

        1. From the same screen, choose to Export from Products.

        2. Make sure to check the following fields:

          • ProductCode

          • ProductName

          • ProductDescription

          • ProductDescriptionShort

          • METATAG_Description

        3. From the "Virtual Columns" box, make sure to check the following fields:

          • ProductURL

          • PhotoURL

        4. Choose  "CSV" as the File Format.

        5. Click Export.

        6. Download the file.

        7. Use the online support form to send the files and Yotpo will import the reviews for you.


        We are unable to import reviews from Amazon as this is against Amazon's Conditions of Use.

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