Importing/Exporting Points and Customers

      Importing/Exporting Points and Customers

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        You can import and export lists of customers and their point balances.

        Importing customers and points

        Importing customers and point balances may be necessary when: 

        • Migrating to Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals from another platform
        • Updating point balances for multiple customers
        • Awarding multiple customers with bonus points
        • Opting customers in/out of the loyalty program

        Making changes to customer point balances may trigger emails or other point-based programs. For example, if you've set email triggers according to point balances, updating point balances past the defined thresholds may trigger those emails.
        To prevent this, we recommend temporarily disabling such programs while updating point balances.

        Creating an import file

        Your CSV import file can contain information on up to 5,000 customers. For import files containing more than 5,000 customers, please reach out to Yotpo support so they can help you with the import process.

        Create a CSV spreadsheet that includes the relevant columns below:

        Please note:
        • Your import file must include the customers' Email. Be sure your import CSV does not include any duplicates or empty cells. Add a cell value of 0 where you have empty cells. 
        • Your import file should not contain more than one line related to the same email address as this may cause inconsistent point balances.
        • Your import file should not contain commas in any of the possible fields. For instance, make sure the email addresses only contain dots, for example - and not example@gmail,com
        Column TitleOptional/RequiredDescription
        Full NameOptionalThe customer's full name
        First NameOptionalThe customer's first name
        Last NameOptionalThe customer's last name
        EmailRequiredThe customer's email address
        Points BalanceOptionalThe customer's current point balance
        Points SpentOptionalThe entire sum of spent points over the customer's lifetime
        Birthday (MM/DD) or (MM/DD/YYYY)OptionalThe customer's date of birth
        Anniversary (MM/DD) or (MM/DD/YYYY)OptionalThe customer's anniversary date for the "Customer enters the date" anniversary type
        Phone NumberOptionalThe customer's phone number (used usually with omnichannel loyalty)
        Customer External IDOptionalThe customer's external ID with your platform/system
        Opt In Status OptionalWhether the customer is opted into the loyalty program. 1 = Opt In, 0 = Opt out. 
        Opt In DateOptionalDate and time when the customer opted in. ISO 8601
        Importing customers with the Opt In fields
        Import behavior depends on the opt-in strategy set for the account. To learn more about Loyalty Opt In, view this article.

        Opt In Strategy: Platform Account/API

        • Importing new customers with a blank Opt in status field:
          Customers will be set to "opted out." They will not earn points due to this import. 
        • Importing existing customers that are opted out with blank Opt in status field:
          Customers will stay opted out and will not earn any points due to the import.
        • Importing existing customers that are opted in with blank Opt in status field:
          Customers will stay opted in and will earn points due to the import.
        • Importing new or existing customers with an Opt in status
          Will be opted in according to the status set - it will override the existing status of existing customers. 

        Opt in Strategy: All Customers

        • Importing new or existing customers with blank Opt in status field:
          Customers will be opted in. Points will be added due to import.  
        • Importing new or existing customers with Opt in status field set to false (0):
          The customers will be opted out and will not earn points due to import.

        Importing your file

        To import customers and balances:

        1. Access your Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals admin
        2. Enter the following URL
        3. Map cells according to the import file you created in the previous section
          1. Select the column that corresponds with the relevant field in your import file
          2. For example, pair column A with the number 1, column B with the number 2, etc.
        4. Mark any irrelevant Fields as Not Present
        You may include additional columns for Notes, Reason for Points Adjustment, etc. You can choose whether to communicate this information to customers later in the import process.

        Points adjustments

        If necessary, you can make adjustments to existing points.

        Calculating Spent Points from Lifetime Points

        To calculate Spent Points (points spent by the customer that are no longer available) simply deduct the customer's current Point Balance from the customer's lifetime points (the total number of points accrued over the entire customer lifecycle).

        For example, if the customer's lifetime points are 950 points, and their point balance is 450 points, then the spent points are 500.

        Existing Points

        You may Replace existing points with new points or Add existing points to the new points. If you are not importing points, please choose the Add existing points option. 

        Replacing existing points with new points should only be done when launching a new program or re-starting a program.


        Choosing to replace the existing points with the new imported points will result in deleting the entire earning history of this customer.

        We recommend exporting customers prior to doing any such adjustments. See more about  exporting customers

        Awarding customers for earning a tier

        This option allows you to choose whether to award customers with their VIP tier entry reward if the points import resulted in the customer earning the next tier.

        We recommend using the option to "Yes, award customers" when importing bonus points, and the "No, don't award customers" when using the import as part of a pre-launch migration, or when fixing data.

        Communicating point adjustments to customers

        If necessary, you may communicate the reason for a point adjustment to your customers. This can be done by creating an additional column in your import form and including the adjustment reason for every customer, or you may provide one collective reason applicable to all customers.

        If you select Use a column in my spreadsheet to determine the reason, make sure to map the column number in the relevant field.  If you've selected Use the same reason for every customer, make sure to provide the reason in the relevant field. 

        Importing points with each setting will reflect in the customers' accounts as follows:

        1. "No, just adjust the points" - This will import the point adjustments as not visible, and the reason in the customers' profiles will say "Replace by CSV" or "Adjustment from CSV", according to the setting set in Existing Points.
        2. "Yes, use a column in my spreadsheet to determine the reason" / "Yes, use the same reason for every customer" - This will import the points as visible, and the reason in the customers' profiles will be the one indicated in the provided reason method.
        Please note:
        It is not possible to import the reason with commas, regardless of how the reason is provided

        Submitting your import file

        Once you've verified that your import file is complete and does not contain any duplicates or blank cells, click Choose File, select the relevant file, and then click the Import button at the bottom of the page.

        Depending on the volume of the import, it may take anywhere from 1 minute to 24 hours for the import to complete. To ensure a successful import process, be sure to allow at least one hour before deactivating any point-based programs after submitting your import file. 

        Exporting customers

        When accessing the Customers section, you will see a list of all of your customers: Click the Export button at the top right corner of the screen and export customer information.

        Once you click the button, you'll see the following window which allows you to choose what you'd like to export:

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