Increase customer retention with Yotpo SMS & Email and LoyaltyLion

      Increase customer retention with Yotpo SMS & Email and LoyaltyLion

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        With the new integration of Yotpo SMS & Email and LoyaltyLion, you can start building better relationships with your customers. Use Automations to grow your business by sending referral links directly on their phone or appealing offers when they reach a reward points milestone.

        But before you start using this new integration, here is a quick guide on how to set it up.

        Installing LoyaltyLion

        Go to your SMS & Email Dashboard and navigate to Integrations. There you will see the new LoyaltyLion integration.

        Once you click on it, a new box will open with additional information about the integration, along with the option to Install it.

        If you still do not have a LoyaltyLion account, click on it in the description and you will be redirected to their page. Once you have an active account in LoyaltyLion, you can set up the integration.

        Connecting your accounts

        The first thing you need to do is to log in with your LoyaltyLion Account.

        Once you are connected, you should Authorize the Integration on their page.

        When you are done with this, the popup window will be closed automatically and the integration will have a green dot next to it to signal that it is Connected.

        Congratulations! You have just activated your Yotpo SMS & Email and LoyaltyLion integration.

        You can enable or disable it at any time from the dropdown menu.

        Set your LoyaltyLion automation

        Once you activated the integration, navigate to the Automations section to start working on your customer retention.

        To make your work easier, we have created two pre-made automations:

        • LoyaltyLion Reward Points – This one can be used to send special offers to your customers when they reach a certain amount of loyalty points.
        • LoyaltyLion Refer Friends – You can turn your buying customers into brand advocates by sending them a referral link.

        You can either select and edit one of these, or you can create an automation on your own.

        Start the automation on your own

        The first thing you need to do is select a name for your automation. Choose something related to the goal of your campaign such as “Refer a Fried” or “LoyaltyLion Reward Points”.

        In the Automation Panel select LoyaltyLion Customer Update. This automation will be triggered every time a LoyaltyLion customer makes a purchase or there is a change in theirreward points.

        In the next section, you can create a reward points rule. Select Enabled to activate it. Tailor it to your needs and select a realistic amount of reward points to activate the automation.

        You have the option of using three types of triggers:

        More than: Use this one to nudge active customers to purchase even more. Send them attractive offers or show them what they can buy with the collected reward points.

        Equal to: This is particularly useful in situations when you have a certain game or a limited offer with a specific amount of points.

        Less than: Many times a customer will purchase once from your store and will forget about you. Set an automation to target those people and send them discounts for your store to win them back.

        Select Customer as the recipient, so your message goes to your customers instead of you (the Admin).

        Choose a receipient

        Make your message more attractive by adding a visual to it.

        You can upload your own image using the Browse button or the drag and drop option. Alternatively, you can select one from PEXELS or attach a GIF from GIPHY.

        Just remember that this is applicable only for U.S. recipients and adding a visual to your message will turn it into an MMS and different charges will apply in that case.

        Now It is time to tailor your text message. Let our own proposal serve you as inspiration, but feel free to modify it or change it altogether. It is important that the message fits your brand voice.

        There are two important shortcodes that you might want to apply to your text:

        {LoyaltyLionReferalURL} – Use this one when you want to send a Referral Automation

        {LoyaltyLionPoints} – Use this when you want to remind your customers on the amount of points they have in their account

        Once you finish tailoring your message, do not forget to add the Opt-out option. This is a necessary step if you want to start a compliant campaign.

        Now the only thing that’s left is to click on the Send button. Once the automation is Active it will start sending to the customers who match the set criteria.

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