Integrating Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals with Cordial

      Integrating Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals with Cordial

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        If you use Cordial to send marketing emails to your customers, you can use Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals' Cordial integration to automatically pass program-related data directly into your Cordial account! Sending rewards and referral program-related emails directly from Cordial makes it easier to manage your marketing drips, ensure that customers receive the right email at the right time, and better target customers based on their program status. 

        Creating an API key

        To get started, you'll have to create an Create an API Key in Cordial

        To create an API key:

        1. Head to the Integrations section of your Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals admin.
        2. Select Cordial from the drop-down.
        3. Click on the Find or Create Here link next to "Cordial API Key" (you can also click this link).


        If you aren't already logged in, you'll be redirected to login to your Cordial account. You can click the "find or create here" link again or head to the "API Keys" section under Administration in Cordial.

        1. Click the + New button to create your Yotpo Referrals API Key.
        2. Name your API Key and add Yotpo Referrals' IP addresses to the IP Whitelist (the descriptions can just be 1,2,3,4). To view the full list of elastic IPs, see Allowlisting Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals Elastic IPs.
        See a completed form example

        1. Click on
        2. Copy the API Key that was generated & paste it into the Cordial Integration Set-Up in the Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals admin (Steps 1-3)
        3. Your Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals customer attributes will now begin syncing into cordial! 

        Connecting Loyalty & Referrals events to Cordial

        Now that we have your customerattributes syncing into Cordial, we'll also want to start syncing those swell-relatedevents. You'll need to repeat the steps below for each Yotpo Referrals email event you'd like to push into Cordial.

        Loyalty and Referrals Events
        • Swell Referrals Points Earned
        • Swell Referrals Redemption Created
        • Swell Referrals Points Reminder
        • Swell Referrals Redemption Reminder
        • Swell Referrals Customer Birthday
        • Swell Referral Share
        • Swell Referral Completed
        • Swell Referrals Tier Earned
        • Swell Referrals Tier Lost
        • Swell Referral Share Reminder
        • Swell Referral Discount Code Updated

        If you're using Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals' Cash Payouts feature, you'll also want to create Cordial events for these Yotpo Referrals emails:

        • Swell Referrals Purchase Payout Scheduled
        • Swell Referrals Redemption Payout Scheduled
        • Swell Referrals Purchase Payout Received
        • Swell Referrals Purchase Payout Unclaimed
        • Swell Referrals Redemption Payout Received
        • Swell Referrals Redemption Payout Unclaimed

        The events will appear in the following format:


        Please see this article on how to use event properties in Cordial emails

        To create these events in Cordial:

        1. Click the Message Automation tab.
        2. Click on Create New Automation.
        3. Create New Message should be filled out following the below guidelines:
          Message Name: A Yotpo Referrals Event (see all Yotpo Referrals events at the top of this section)
          Message Key: Will auto-fill, leave as is **
          Tag this Message: (Optional)
          Classification: Transactional
        4. Click Continue
        5. Your Message Automation has been created and you'll see your Message Key in the top-left:
        6. Go back to your Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals Admin > Settings > Integrations > Click on Settings next to Cordial.
        7. Select the Yotpo Referrals event you just used in creating your Cordial Message Automation and add the corresponding Message Key from Step 3 or 5 into the Automation Key field:
        8. Click Add and you will see the event populate in the Settings modal.
        9. Repeat these steps for each Yotpo Referrals event you'd like to connect.

        Using Referrals & Cordial

        Please Note:

        When Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals syncs customer email addresses with Cordial, the users are automatically set to "subscribed: none" status.

        If the sync includes users that are already set to "subscribed" in Cordial, the status will not change and they will remain as "subscribed".

        Now that all of your events & customer attributes have been synced into Cordial, it's time to start building automations! Since you already use Cordial, you are likely familiar with how to create an automation but we'll provide a quick summary below as well as proper syntax to incorporate those attributes.

        Syntax for Loyalty & Referrals attributes in Cordial

        Proper Cordial syntax for Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals attributes is extremely important when writing your Message Content in Cordial. You can pull all kinds of Yotpo Referrals attributes into an email depending on whether that information is related directly to the Contact (customer email address) or coming from the Event itself (Yotpo Referrals Points Earned, Yotpo Referrals Points Reminder, Yotpo Referral Share, etc). Syntax

        • Contact Attributes= {$contact.SWELL_SHORTNAME_HERE}
        • Event-Related Attributes = {$extVars.swell_longname_here}
        Contact vs. Event Attributes

        Creating an automation in Cordial

        To get started:

        1. Go to Message Automation.
        2. Click on Create New Automation - you should see all the different events (automations) you already set-up in the previous section here:
        3. Select the Automation you'd like to work on, and complete the Message Header.
        4. Afterwards, click Edit under Message Content to add the body of your email.

          In here you'll want to add the message (including the attributes) you'd like to send to your customers from the event that was triggered. For example, the message content for a Yotpo Referrals Points Earned automation might be:


          Thanks for shopping with us :) You just earned
           {$extVars.swell_perk_reward_points} points from your latest purchase with us, bringing you to a total of {$contact.SWELL_PBAL} points

          Once you receive your product & fall in love, feel free to share it with your friends to earn discounts, free products, & more at our store. Simply share the link below with friends & family to start earning!

          Your Referral Link: 

          See you soon!
        Mixing Contact & Event Attributes

        Be sure to note the mixture of contact & event-related attributes in the above example email. You'll notice that swell_perk_reward_points is tied specifically to the "Yotpo Referrals Points Earned" event and cannot be used in all emails, while the contact attributes, SWELL_PBAL & SWELL_REFL can be used in any email!

        1. Once you're satisfied with you message content, Publish your draft.
        2. After publishing, click on API under "Sending Methods" to Enable this method.

        And you're all set! You've created your first Automation in Cordial using Yotpo Referrals events & attributes.

        Repeat the steps above for each event-related email you'd like to send. You might also consider including your customer's points balances and referral links in some of your non-Yotpo Referrals-related marketing collateral to increase touchpoints with your customers to your loyalty program!

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