Introduction to Subscriber Collection Tools

      Introduction to Subscriber Collection Tools

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        Collecting subscribers and building a solid base of loyal brand followers is at the heart of any good marketing strategy. With the help of our versatile opt-in tools, you can quickly grow your SMS and email audience and use this valuable first-party data later on to send targeted campaigns. 

        You’ll find a wide range of subscription methods in the Collect Subscribers dashboard.

        Subscriber collection

        We will now walk you through all our subscriber collection tools, so you’ll gain a better understanding of how and when to use each of them to achieve your marketing goals.


        Pop-ups are a great way to convert website visitors into subscribers and collect first-party data such as phone numbers and emails in just a click. Use our advanced Builder to fully customize not only the look and feel but also the behavior of your pop-ups. Adding a small discount will significantly improve conversion rates and will help you quickly grow a dedicated subscriber base.

        pop-up tool

        How to create a pop-up

        Floating buttons

        Floating buttons are the perfect tool for merchants who want to keep their store design minimalistic while still actively engaging with visitors and collecting their phone numbers and emails. This type of subscription form expands on click and is fully customizable to match your brand feel and voice. 

        floating button tool

        How to create a floating button


        Keywords are another intuitive and easy-to-use option to grow your subscriber base. They are very versatile, as they can be shared just about anywhere: use keywords to collect opt-ins via email, social media, video banners, and more. For shoppers to sign up for your SMS marketing program, they simply need to text the keyword to a dedicated phone number. Choose something short and memorable for your campaign, and you are all ready to go. 


        How to use keywords

        Signup pages

        If you want to get creative and leverage multiple online marketing channels, such as email and social media, to grow your SMS lists, consider using signup pages. This tool allows you to generate links that will lead people to a dedicated subscription page on your store. You can create unique pages for the different channels to track the effectiveness of each growth campaign individually, but more importantly - segment subscribers based on where they came from.

        Shareable subscribe link

        How to use shareable subscribe links

        Social opt-in

        The Social opt-in is the perfect tool for brands that are active on social media and wish to convert their followers into SMS subscribers. It helps you engage with shoppers on a channel they are already using via a mobile-optimized subscriber collection experience. It only takes one tap on the screen to become an SMS subscriber. 

        Social opt-in

        How to use the social opt-in tool

        Just like pop-ups and floating buttons, footers are great for converting website visitors into dedicated SMS and email subscribers! This powerful form can be customized down to the last detail and fit on any page of your store.

        Footer form

        How to create a footer form

        Embedded form

        Embedded forms make for a seamless and stylish SMS and email subscriber collection experience. They are fully customizable and, just like the footer, will fit any page of your website, and you can choose exactly where to place them. 

        Embedded form

        How to create an embedded form

        QR Generator

        QR codes are fun, interactive, and can be placed anywhere: on a store window, a bumper sticker, or a promotional brochure. You can even put them on product packaging to convert existing customers into SMS subscribers. Our QR generator quickly sets up a code for your store, allowing everyone who scans it to subscribe to your text marketing list. 

        QR Code

        How to create a QR code

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