Languages Yotpo Reviews Supports for Widgets

      Languages Yotpo Reviews Supports for Widgets

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        Free, Starter, Pro, Premium, Enterprise

        eCommerce Platform

        Shopify, Shopify Plus, Adobe Commerce (Magento), BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Volusion, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Custom

        We offer translations to many languages for your Yotpo on-site widgets. Please note that changing the language will not translate the content of the reviews themselves. Your Yotpo admin can only be in English.

        Supported languages

        Yotpo Reviews currently supports the following languages
        • Chinese - China (zh)
        • Croatian (hr)
        • Czech (cs)
        • Danish (da)
        • Dutch (nl)
        • English (en)
        • Finnish (fi)
        • French (fr)
        • German (de)
        • Greek (el)
        • Hebrew (he)
        • Hindi (hi)
        • Hungarian (hu)
        • Indonesian (id)
        • Italian (it)
        • Japanese (ja)
        • Korean (ko)
        • Lithuanian (lt)
        • Malay (ms)
        • Norwegian (no)
        • Polish (pl)
        • Portuguese - Brazil (pt) 
        • Portuguese - Portugal (pt)
        • Romanian (ro)
        • Russian (ru)
        • Slovak (sk)
        • Slovenian (sl)
        • Spanish (es)
        • Swedish (sv)
        • Thai (th)
        • Turkish (tr)
        • Vietnamese (vi)

        Shopify markets

        Merchants using Shopify markets can automatically translate the new on-site review widgets in accordance with the customer’s locale. The ‘Multilingual widget’ setting will be turned on by default and pull the language configuration set in Shopify’s language options.

         The setting will affect the Reviews Widget, Star Rating widget, and Q&A widget. The widget editor for this widget will show all the elements in the default language you’ve selected in Shopify. If no default language is selected in Shopify, we will use the default language set in your Yotpo account.

        Please note:
        • The translations will affect only the language of the on-site widget elements. The review titles and content will still appear in the originally submitted language. 
        • If Yotpo is unable to define the locale of the user or the language is not supported, the widgets will be shown in English by default.
        • Smart Prompts are not supported.

        To turn off the automatic translation:

        1. In Yotpo Reviews, go to On-Site Widgets.
        2. Click the Settings icon in the top right corner.
        3. Turn off the Multilingual widgets toggle.

        Other eCommerce platforms

        Changing the language

        To change the language:

        1. In Yotpo Reviews, click the Profile icon in the top right corner.
        2. Click Account Settings > General Settings.
        3. From the Language dropdown, select the desired language.
        4. Click Save Changes.
        Please note:
        On some platforms such as WooCommerce, the language of the widget needs to be configured through your store administration page instead of through Yotpo. The common path is Store admin > Configure the Yotpo module.

        Troubleshooting translations

        Yotpo is constantly adding new widgets and features. In these instances, certain new phrases will not be automatically updated in our community-based translated languages.

        If you happen to come across an untranslated item or phrase, please follow these instructions:

        1. Take a screenshot of the element and its location
        2. Reach out to our support team and provide the following:
          • The screenshot
          • A relevant URL showing the missing translation (is possible)
          • The correct translation in text format (so we can paste it in the right place)
        3. We'll update you once the translation is complete.
        Please note:
        Translations may take some time to update. We appreciate your patience.  

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