Managing Pending Messages

      Managing Pending Messages

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        When sending an SMS campaign to a large number of shoppers across the world, some of the messages may not get sent. With Yotpo SMS you can easily keep track and manage those texts in the Pending Messages section.

        The following article will walk you through why messages might be pending and how to manage them.

        How to manage pending messages

        Pending messages are texts that haven’t been sent for one of the following reasons: 

        •  The recipient is currently in a Do not Disturb timespan
        • You do not have enough credit to send the message
        • The cost of the message exceeds the set max price per message (found in the Settings under Country Limitations).

        To access them, go to SMS Campaigns and navigate to the Pending Messages section. 


        A list of all pending messages will appear. You can filter them by All, Do not Disturb, Max SMS Price, or you can search by phone number to look for a specific recipient. 

        Filter by

        You’ll also see the total price for all pending messages, a button that allows you to send all messages anyway, and one to cancel all. 

        Send messages

        The list of pending messages includes the following information: 

        • To: The phone number the message will be sent to is displayed here.
        • Show Message: Hover over to display the text message.
        • Price: This is the price you will pay for the specific message.
        • Scheduled for: The date and time the message will be sent. 
        • Warnings: The reason the messages have not yet been sent. 
        • Actions:  You can stop a specific message from being sent by clicking on the Cancel action.

        All messages

        This was our quick tutorial on managing your pending messages. Don't forget to check out the rest of our Knowledge Base articles or contacts us if you have any questions or feedback. 

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