Managing Your SMS & Email Campaigns

      Managing Your SMS & Email Campaigns

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        Yotpo SMS & Email lets you use our pre-loaded SMS and email templates, create brand-new campaigns and manage them quickly and easily, all from your Yotpo interface.

        In this article, you will learn how to create and manage SMS and email campaigns.

        Creating a new campaign

        Campaigns are the foundation for your marketing efforts. That’s why creating one is a simple and intuitive process.

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go Campaigns > My Campaigns.
        2. Click Create campaign on the top right.
        3. Choose the type of campaign you want to send and click Create.
          1. Learn more about creating your SMS campaign
          2. Learn more about creating your email campaign

        Using campaign templates

        At the top of the campaigns page, you’ll see the Recommended templates section designed to streamline your workflow by providing pre-loaded SMS and email templates. They offer a convenient starting point, allowing you to quickly customize and personalize your messages for effective communication with your customers.

        The first card stands out with its larger size and is strategically designed to provide actionable suggestions based on our recommendations, which you can also see on your Home page.

        The rest of the template cards are carefully tailored to upcoming events like major holidays. Hovering over a template gives you a preview and allows you to quickly create an SMS or email campaign using that template. You can see whether it is an SMS or email template from the banners at the bottom of the cards.

        To hide the templates section, click Hide recommendations above the cards. You can reopen them again by clicking on Show recommendations.

        Understanding your campaigns list

        The most extensive section on the page is a comprehensive overview of your campaign initiatives. It displays essential data that helps you track the performance of all your campaigns. Here's a how to effectively utilize and navigate the Campaigns list.

        Filtering and sorting your campaigns

        You can easily filter which types of campaigns you see from the section's top left corner. Switch between All, SMS or Email campaigns with just a click. You’ll also see the number of campaigns in each of those categories.

        You can use the two dropdown menus on the top right of the section for more advanced filtering.

        The first menu allows you to filter based on campaign status (you can select more than one option):

        • All - by default, you will see all the campaigns and will be able to filter from this point
        • In progress - the SMS and email campaigns that are being sent in real-time
        • Sent - completed SMS and email campaigns
        • Not sent - the email campaigns that have not been sent
        • Draft - the SMS and email drafts
        • Scheduled - the SMS or email campaigns that have been scheduled to be sent
        • No funds - the SMS or email campaigns that cannot be sent due to insufficient funds. Learn more about adding funds to your account
        • Scheduling - the SMS campaigns that are in the process of scheduling by our system, usually appears when the audience is very large
        • Canceled - the manually canceled SMS campaigns

        The second one offers standard sorting options:

        • Last modified - newest first
        • Last modified - oldest first
        • Date - newest first
        • Date - oldest first
        • Name - A - Z
        • Name - Z - A
        • Sent messages - highest first
        • Sent messages - lowest first

        Or you can also use the open search bar to find the campaign you are looking for by name

        Campaign table

        The campaign table displays essential information on all of your campaigns. Each column has a piece of information:

        • Channel - the icons show whether the campaign is SMS or email. Hover over the icon to see a small preview of the campaign.
        • Campaign name
        • Status - see the status list in the previous section
        • Sent - the number of SMS or email messages sent from the campaign
        • CTR (Click-Through Rate) – customer clicks, divided by the total number of sent messages within this campaign
        • Revenue - the total revenue generated from this exact campaign
        • ROI - return on investment from this campaign


        The campaign list allows you to do several things based on the type and status of the campaign:

        • Edit - a blue button will appear on the right-hand side of each campaign that has not been sent yet
        • See analytics - a blue button will appear on the right-hand side of each campaign that has been sent
        • Delete - delete any draft campaign
        • Duplicate - duplicate every campaign on the list easily
        • Archive - archive any campaign you don’t want to see in your main list. You can view all archived campaigns from the Archived campaigns button above the search bar
        • Preview email - see how an email campaign will look to your customers
        • View campaign - go to the campaign editor of every scheduled or sent email campaign
        • Move to draft - quickly change the status of a scheduled email campaign to a draft
        • Save as template - quickly save any email campaign as a template to use later

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