Personalizing Shopify Notifications with Yotpo SMS & Email Flows

      Personalizing Shopify Notifications with Yotpo SMS & Email Flows

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        Transactional messages are non-marketing messages that help keep your customers in the know about their order details, shipping details, and more. But apart from being informative, transactional messages also play a significant role in ensuring a great post-purchase experience and driving more sales.

        In this article, you'll learn how to set up and customize transactional messages in Yotpo SMS & Email so you can keep your customers informed of orders.

        Deactivating Shopify’s default transactional messages

        Shopify sends transactional messages to every shopper who fills in their mobile number for shipping updates at checkout. These messages are pre-written and cannot be edited in any way. But if you want to provide customers with a more personalized post-purchase experience, we recommend replacing these default messages with Yotpo SMS & Email’s transactional flows.

        If you decide to do so, you'll first have to disable Shopify’s default transactional messages so that customers don’t end up with two messages with the same information. You can do that from the Notifications menu in your Shopify Settings. Simply go to the Manage SMS notifications section and click on the Deactivate button.


        Activating Yotpo SMS & Email Notification Flows

        It’s time to improve your transactional messages and customize them to your brand and liking. You can enable a preset flow or create a new one from scratch.

        Enable a preset flow

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Flows > My Flows. A pop-up will appear, prompting you to activate the personalized order updates.
        2. Click Get started.
        3. The next step will give you the 4 most important transactional flows that you can easily activate from the toggle switches and clicking Save: Order confirmation, Shipping update, Shipping confirmation, and Order canceled.


        The activated flows will appear in your dashboard, and every time a customer fills in their phone number and shipping address at checkout, they will receive the relevant notification from your store.

        The Yotpo SMS & Email transactional messages will be sent to all customers who have completed an order, not just existing subscribers. As these are non-marketing messages, you don’t need to get explicit consent to send them.

        Next, you’ll see an overview of all preset flows, which you can edit and personalize to match your brand’s voice.


        Enabling a preset flow is the fastest and easiest way to start sending timely and personalized transactional messages to your customers.

        Create a new flow from scratch

        Now let us walk you through a few simple steps on how to create a brand new flow from scratch.

        Click on the Explore more flows button. and locate the Shopify Notifications templates section.

        More flows

        You’ll see our flow templates- a number of predefined flows created by our partners or us. Locate the Shopify Notifications section to view all transactional flows.

        Shopify templates

        Our library includes a variety of transactional messages that provide customers with all relevant details along with a captivating on-brand post-purchase experience. Yotpo SMS & Email matches Shopify’s default list but gives you the freedom to personalize every last detail.

        • Local delivery - delivered
        • Local delivery - out for delivery
        • Local delivery - missed delivery
        • Shipping update
        • Shipping confirmation
        • Order refund
        • Order canceled
        • Order confirmation

        Choose the type of message you want to create, and click on it. This will open a pop-up, where you can Activate the flow with a simple click or edit it to match your brand’s tone.


        Pro tip:
        Edit your transactional messages, unleash your creativity, and make them unique and playful. Ensuring a great customer experience at every step makes for loyal customers and higher ROI.


        When you’re done, simply click Save. This will automatically activate your flow, and shoppers will start receiving their personalized transactional messages.

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