Product and Collection Exclusions on Shopify

      Product and Collection Exclusions on Shopify

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        Excluding a product or collection from your loyalty program means that customers won't get points for purchasing these products.

        The price of any excluded products is deducted from the total value of the purchase, which may also affect eligibility to enter VIP tiers with spend-based thresholds, as well as some data metrics in your Loyalty admin.


        In addition to including/excluding groups and customers, you can also Exclude or include specific customers.

        Product IDs

        Excluding certain product IDs prevents products from being part of the rewards program

        Collection IDs

        Excluding collection IDs prevents whole groups of products from being included in the program.

        Locating product ID/collection ID on Shopify

        First, find the relevant product ID/collection IDs of the products you want to include/exclude on your Shopify store. 

        Finding Product IDs

        You can find the product IDs by going to your product's specific page in Shopify. Learn more about how to find a product ID on Shopify.

        Finding Collection IDs

        A collection ID is the number used to describe a larger group of products and can be found on the page representing all the products that fall within the collection. Learn more about Collections on Shopify.

        You can find the collection ID by going to your collection-specific page in Shopify. From there, you can select the last number attached to the URL, which is your collection ID.

        Adding IDs to Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals

        1. In your Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals main menu, go to Settings > General Settings.

        2. Scroll down to the Program exclusions section.

        3. You will find the following fields where you can add the relevant IDs.

        4. Once you've added the relevant IDs, click Save.

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