Q&A Widget Overview

      Q&A Widget Overview

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        Shopify, Shopify Plus, Adobe Commerce (Magento), BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Volusion, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Custom

        Q&A allows customers to ask questions regarding a specific product. The questions will be directed to the owner and to customers who had previously purchased the product. This feature strengthens ongoing community involvement with a store owner's business and increases trust for their customers.

        In this article, you'll learn how to add the Q&A widget to your store.

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        Merchants who are using the new version of the Q&A widget. If you’re using the legacy Q&A widget version, see Q&A Widget Overview (Legacy)

        About the Q&A widget

        1. The widget is divided into two tabs: one for reviews, and the other for Q&A.
        2. The numbers represented in the header of each tab reflect:
          • Reviews tab - number of reviews (excluding the number of comments),
          • Q&A tab - number of questions and answers combined.


        1. In the Q&A tab in the widget, customers can ask a question regarding the product
        2. Once a question is asked, a validation email is sent to the person who posed the question. If the email is not validated then the question is ignored.
        3. If the email is validated, the customer is taken to a "thank you" landing page, and the question is sent to the store owner and to customers who had purchased the product previously
        4. The question is sent to a maximum of 5 customers each day according to the following logic:
        5. If no answer is received after three days, the store owner/admin is sent a second email with the question.
          • If a Help Desk Integration has been set up, an email will be sent to the address configured there as well
        6. Once an answer is received no further automatic emails are sent out
        Please note:
        • The answer can be submitted from within the email that the previous customer/store owner receives. The store owner can also answer a question from within the Moderate section of the Q&A in the Yotpo Admin.
        • Unsubscribe - Users that unsubscribe from the Automatic Review Request emails will not receive questions emails
        • Users who answer questions will receive the verified buyer badge
        • Promoted Products will appear on the landing page after a customer has answered a question but won't appear in the question email. However, promoted products will appear in the email sent to the person who asked the question
        • Email policy 
          1. Previous customers will not be sent more than one question in 30 days (minimum of 30 days in between questions). Automatic Review Request emails and questions sent to the same person will be sent with an interval of at least five days between them.
          2. An Automatic Review Request questioner will not receive more than 3 answers for each question asked
        • See Yotpo Email Policies for information
        • If you answer publicly, the answer appears on your website and the questioner receives the answer by email; if you answer privately, then the answer is only sent by email to the questioner
        • Social share/push and coupons are not supported for Q&A
        • A question only appears on your website if at least one answer is posted

        Customizing your Q&A widget

        To learn how to customize your widget, see Customizing the Q&A Widget.

        Setting up your Q&A emails

        To learn about Q&A emails and how to see them up, see Setting Up Q&A Emails

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