Resetting Your Yotpo Account Password

      Resetting Your Yotpo Account Password

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        If you are still logged in to your Yotpo account on your device you will be directed into the Yotpo Admin. You may then change your password.

        If you do not remember your previous password in order to update it please log out of the Yotpo Admin by going to Settings > Log Out and click the Reset password link again.

        To reset your password:

        1. Click here.
        2. Enter your email address.
        3. Click Send. You'll receive an email from Yotpo, inviting you to change your password.
        4. Click Change my password.
        5. Enter your new password.
        6. Confirm your new password.
        7. Click Reset. You'll be returned to the Yotpo login screen.

        You can now log in to Yotpo using your new password.

        Password requirements

        Your Yotpo password must meet the following requirements:

        • Minimum of eight characters in length
        • Contains at least one uppercase character, one lowercase character, and one digit
        • Reset every 90 days


        I didn't receive the email

        If you don't receive the email within a few minutes: 

        1. Check your Spam or Junk Mail folder.
        2. If the mail is not there, then open a ticket with Yotpo Support. Please select Technical Issues as the topic and Login issues as the sub-topic.
        Contacting Yotpo Support

        If you're unable to access your Yotpo account, send an email to and provide the email address affiliated with the account and your shop's URL.

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