Creating Synergetic Segmentation with Yotpo SMS & Email and Yotpo Reviews

      Creating Synergetic Segmentation with Yotpo SMS & Email and Yotpo Reviews

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        The synergy between Yotpo products allows users to easily segment subscribers using data points from Yotpo Reviews directly into SMS & Email. This will enable brands to engage their audience based on key data like average reviews sentiment and average star rating.

        This article will show you how to create a Reviews segment in Yotpo SMS & Email and walk you through the segmentation filters and shortcodes.

        Creating a Yotpo Reviews segment

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Audience > Lists & Segments.
        2. Click Create list or segment.
        3. Choose Segment from the Type drop-down menu, enter a unique name for your segment that will help you distinguish it from the rest, and click the Create button.You will see a drop-down menu with all available data points you can use to segment your audience. 
           Reviews segment
        4. Find the Yotpo Reviews filter and select it.


        The Yotpo Reviews datapoints

        • Has/ Has not submitted a review:  Filter subscribers based on whether or not they have submitted any type of review in a selected time period.
        • Number of reviews:  Filter subscribers based on the number of reviews they have submitted. 
        • Average reviews sentiment: Filter subscribers based on their average sentiment of reviews.
        • Average reviews star rating: Filter subscribers based on their average star rating of reviews.
        • Number of uploaded media: Filter subscribers based on their amount of reviews with images or videos.

        To segment audiences to your liking, click the filter of your choice. Yotpo SMS & Email’s segmentation allows you to add as many rules as you wish, narrowing down your audiences and delivering a unique customer experience.

        Yotpo Reviews shortcodes

        Once a segment is created, start sending hyper-targeted messages using the Yotpo Reviews Shortcodes that can be added to your SMS campaigns, flows, or automations. Simply choose the desired Reviews segment as your target audience, and you’ll have access to the Reviews shortcodes.


        You’ll find the following shortcodes based on the data points selected in the segment:

        • Last Star Rating: The customer’s last star rating. 
        • Last Review Date: The customer’s last review date. 
        • Average Star Rating: The customer’s average star rating. 

        When crafting your text message, click on the button for more shortcodes, scroll to the Yotpo Codes you wish to add, click on them, and continue sending your campaign.

        Reviews Shortcodes

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