Reviews Widget Smart Filters

      Reviews Widget Smart Filters

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        Premium, Enterprise

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        Shopify, Shopify Plus, Adobe Commerce (Magento), BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Volusion, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Custom

        The Reviews Widget allows you to add additional filtering capabilities to your widget so shoppers can easily find the information they need to make quick buying decisions.

        Smart Filters let customers filter reviews by topics that interest them the most. Using artificial intelligence, these topics are automatically selected according to their prominence in reviews and showcased on-site in a dynamic display.

        How it works

        Smart Filters will work only on stores with English as the default language, and only apply to content in English

        Yotpo's review filtering capabilities include 3 default filters that are always enabled in the Reviews Widget and four optional filtering capabilities that you can choose to enable.

        Default filters:

        Optional filters:

        Enabling Smart Filters

        Smart Filters will work only on stores with English as the default language, and only apply to content in English

        To enable Smart Filters:

        1. From your Yotpo Reviews main menu, go to On-Site Widgets.
        2. Click Reviews Widget.
        3. Click the Filters tab.
        4. Select the checkbox next to the filters you want to use.
        5. Click Save Changes to finish.
          The Smart Filters Layout will now appear on site. 
        Please note:
        Products must have at least 3 published reviews for Review Filters to appear in your widget.

        Available filters

        Filter by star rating

        Filter reviews by a specific star-rating score.

        Filter by review type

        Filter reviews to display only reviews that contain Photos In Reviews, or select All Reviews to view reviews with and without photos.

        Filter by metadata

        Leverage metadata collected upon order creation to allow shoppers to filter reviews according to customer, order, and/or product-related fields such as membership type, location, delivery type, order history, and more!

        Please note:

        Review-related metadata takes 6 hours to appear in Yotpo Reviews and on-site.

        Filter by star distribution

        See the star rating distribution. Shoppers can click to filter by a specific star-rating score.

        Free text search

        Make your Reviews Widget searchable to help shoppers find the keywords, topics, and phrases they're looking for when making buying decisions. Matches found within reviews are automatically highlighted for easy visibility.

        Please note:
        • Reviews Search supports queries up to 120 characters in length
        • The product must have at least three reviews for Reviews Search to appear
        • New reviews may take up to one hour to appear on product pages
        • Reviews Search applies to both the review title and the review content
        • Search phrases are not case-sensitive
        • The feature will not work for blocklisted products

        Filter by topic

        The order in which the topics filters appear in your widget is determined and optimized daily by Yotpo's smart algorithm in accordance with the number of clicks per topic. Topics with the highest number of clicks are ranked higher and will automatically appear first in your list of topic filters.

        Topic Filters leverage Yotpo's smart topics algorithm to automatically scan and identify topics that are most often mentioned in published reviews. When Topic Filters are enabled, frequently mentioned topics are displayed right in your Reviews Widget, allowing shoppers to make quick buying decisions by easily filtering reviews for relevant topics.

        For example, a prospective shopper interested in buying a camera may opt to filter reviews for topics such as battery life, image quality, zoom, lens, etc. Each topic can represent one keyword or several synonyms for the same keyword. For example, the topic Shipping may represent the keywords shipment, delivery, shipping, etc.

        Filter requirements

        The following requirements must be met in order for Topic Filters to appear: 

        • The topic term appears in at least six published reviews across all products
        • The relevant product has the topic term appears in at least two published reviews
        Please note:
        Topic Filters are automatically generated using topics that are commonly mentioned in published reviews only. Rest assured, Topics mentioned in unpublished reviews will never be displayed as Topic Filters.

        Filter by custom fields

        Your Yotpo plan must include Custom Review Forms in order to add Custom Field Filters to your Reviews Widget.

        When enabled, Custom Field Filters allow shoppers to filter reviews for specific answers to custom review form questions. This is a great way for shoppers to focus on reviews written by shoppers who share common intent and characteristics such as age, geographic location, body type, etc.

        For example, a prospective shopper interested in purchasing face cream may filter reviews according to Skin Type to view relevant reviews from past shoppers who share the same skin type. 

        Please note:
        Custom Fields Filters support all types of Custom Review Form questions except Free Text Questions/Answers.
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