Setting up a New Member Reward Earning Rule on Shopify

      Setting up a New Member Reward Earning Rule on Shopify

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        New Member Reward is an account based earning rule (previously known as a campaign) that helps increase your conversion rate by rewarding new site visitors and increase engagement by rewarding existing customers who sign up for an account with your store.

        In this article, you’ll learn how to set up your New Member Reward earning rule to best fit your loyalty program’s goals.

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        How it works

        As a new merchant, you already have a New Member Reward earning rule set up. You have the option to edit your existing earning rule if you want to modify its settings, such as the reward type and amount that is offered to customers.

        The earning rule rewards the customers differently according to your Shopify Customer accounts settings:

        • Classic: Customers receive a reward for creating an account with your online store.

        • New: Customers who haven’t completed the earning in the past will receive a reward after making a purchase.


        To learn more about customer account in Shopify, see Shopify’s help center.

        Configuring the earning rule settings

        To edit your earning rule, do the following:

        1. From your Loyalty & Referrals menu, go to Set Up Program > Rewards Program.

        2. Under Ways to earn, go to your New Member Reward earning rule and click the edit icon.

        You can choose to reward customers and site visitors for creating an account with your store with points or with a discount. Points can be collected and later redeemed for redeemable rewards, while a discount reward can be used as soon as their next purchase.

        Points reward

        To offer customers a points reward for creating an account with your store, select Points under Reward type, then enter the number of points you want to offer. 

        Discount reward

        To offer customers a points reward for creating an account in your store, do the following:

        1. Under Reward type, select Discount.

        2. From the dropdown menu, select the type of discount you want to offer whether it’s a Fixed amount or Percentage discount.

        3. Depending on the type you selected, enter the discount amount.

          Please note:

          • When entering the discount amount, make sure to use a whole, positive number

          • In the case of a percentage discount, you can use an amount between 1% and 100% 

        1. Under Code prefix, you can add a prefix that will help you identify and differentiate between reward codes more easily.

        Discount settings

        Different discount settings are available if you want to promote specific products or collections, as well as specify who can use this discount and when.

        To view and edit these settings, click Discount settings under the Discount reward option.

        Apply discount to - Choose to apply the discount to any product, specific products, or specific collections.

        • Any product - Use this if you want this discount to apply to all of your products

        • Specific products - Use this to limit which products this discount can apply to, for example, if you want to promote specific products

        1. In the Apply this discount to drop-down select Specific products.

        2. In the Product IDs field, enter your product IDs separated by a comma. Learn more about finding product IDs in Shopify

        3. In the Variant IDs field, enter your variant IDs. Learn more about finding variant IDs in Shopify

        • Specific collections - Use this to limit which collections this discount can apply to if you want to promote specific collections, groups, or categories of products

        1. In the Apply this discount to drop-down select Specific collections.

        2. In the Collection IDs field, enter your collection IDs separated by a comma. Learn more about collections in Shopify

        Minimum spend

        Set a minimum amount customers need to spend on their purchase to use this discount.

        Please note:

        If you selected a specific product or specific collection to apply your reward to, the minimum spend amount is the amount customers need to spend on that specific product or collection.

        Discount only applies to these Shopify segment IDs - Use this if you want to make this discount available only to specific segments using Shopify Customer Segments

        To find your Shopify segment:

        1. Go to the Customers page in your Shopify admin.

        2. From the Customer segment dropdown, choose the customer segment you want to use.

        3. Your segment ID is the set of numbers found at the end of this page URL.

        Discount code expiration - Select a reward expiration if you want the discount to only be valid for a certain amount of time. Use this to increase redemption rate and purchase frequency.

        Who can use this discount code? - Use this option if you want to limit the use of this discount only to the customer that originally received it.

        • Anyone - use this if you don’t want to set a limit

        • Only the customer who originally received this reward and is logged in to their account - You can require the customer trying to use this discount code to log in to their account to verify that it’s the same customer who originally received it

        Rewards history text

        Your customers will see the reward they earned in their Rewards History when they create an account, together with an explanation of what action they completed to receive it. 

        Action text

        The default Action text is set to Create an account. To change it, click in the Action text field and type in the text you want to appear in your customer’s rewards history.

        Reward text

        We’ve preset the Reward text field with an automatic value that will dynamically present customers with whichever discount amount you set before.

        Please note:

        • Make sure you do not leave this field empty. If you accidentally delete the preset text, just type in {{reward}} off.

        • It’s only possible to change the reward text if you chose the Discount option under Reward type

        • For Points rewards, your customers will just see the number of points they earned in the same line as the Action text

        Changing the name of your earning rule

        You can change the name of this earning rule by clicking the edit icon next to it.

        Please note:

        • The way you choose to name your earning rule here is only for internal management purposes. Your customers will not see this. 

        • You can manage the way your earning rule is displayed to customers from the Rewards Page Builder module and Earning Points module

        Creating another New Member Reward earning rule

        Available for:

        The option to create more earning rules is available for merchants on Pro, Premium, and Enterprise plans.

        If for any reason you’ve deleted the earning rule, you can create and set up a new one by doing the following:

        1. From your Loyalty & Referrals menu, go to Set Up Program > Earning Rules. 

        2. Click Create earning rule.

        3. Select New Member Reward and click Next.

        4. Select and set the Reward type you want to offer.

        5. If you selected the Discount reward, expand the Discount settings to set them as needed. For further explanation about each setting, refer to the Discount reward section of this article.

        6. Review the Rewards history text.

        7. Once you finish going through each section, go to the top of the page and click Save.

        Finding your rule ID

        Use the Copy rule ID option if you need to share it with 3rd party partners that Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals doesn't directly integrate with.

        To find the earning rule ID, click the ellipses icon next to the Save button.

        Managing the rule status

        The rule status that is located next to the rule name tells you whether the rule is active on your site or not. If active, this means that the rule is running and customers are earning rewards.

        You can deactivate the rule if you want to. If you choose to deactivate the earning rule, it will no longer be visible to customers, and they won't be able to earn rewards from it. 

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