Setting up Smart Capture

      Setting up Smart Capture

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        The success of every business starts with knowing who your customers are and relies on your ability to deliver them the best experiences possible. And with a channel such as SMS, where personalization is taken to a whole new level, it is now easier than ever to deliver ultra-targeted customer experiences.

        This tutorial will show you how to set up and use Smart Capture to create dedicated lists with new and existing subscribers and leverage those to boost engagement and nurture loyalty.

        What is Smart Capture

        Smart Capture provides merchants with new ways to learn subscribers' intent in real-time. It allows new and existing subscribers to opt-in more than once and stay in the know about your offers. From seasonal deals, back-in-stock items, and early access through new product launches and giveaways, all the way to partner collaborations, company events, and more.

        Each time a customer signs up, they will be added to a list of your choice so you can easily target them later on with marketing campaigns specific to their interests.

        Use Smart Capture to:

        • Maximize your collection strategy by giving customers unlimited opportunities to sign up on different occasions and better understand what types of messages they want to receive from you.
        • Acquire zero-party data on customer preferences in addition to phone and email and leverage this data to create personalized experiences on multiple channels.

        How to Set Up Smart Capture

        Setting up a personalized SMS Welcome Flow for both new and existing subscribers can be done with a few simple steps.

        Step 1: Create a new flow and choose “New Subscriber Confirmation” as a trigger.

        New Subscriber Confirmation

        Step 2: Enable the Custom Trigger Options to trigger this flow for existing subscribers as well.

        Custom Trigger Options

        Step 3: Add action “Add to list” and give a name to that list. You can use it later on to target these subscribers with specific campaigns.

        Add to list

        Step 4: Add a condition “Already an existing subscriber” and mark “is true.”

        Already an existing subscriber

        Step 5: Set up the text messages that will be sent out to new and existing subscribers.

        Set up the text messages

        You can use this tutorial to create a new subscriber collection tool or update an existing one.

        Bonus tip:
        Don’t forget to customize the copy of your pop-up so that customers are fully aware of what to expect when they opt in, i.e., “Sign up to our SMS club to enter an exclusive $200 gift card giveaway”.

        Subscriber Collection Analytics

        You can now track the numbers of new and returning subscribers signing up for text marketing through each of your subscriber collection tools. Go to the Analytics page of this specific tool and hover over the Subscribers and Subscribers Growth metrics to see a detailed breakdown.

        Subscriber Collection Analytics

        If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or book a demo!

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