Viewing and Sorting Reviews

      Viewing and Sorting Reviews

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        The moderation panel is your central user-generated content (UGC) moderation interface. Here you'll find many of Yotpo's powerful moderation tools right at your fingertips. Use the moderation console to select reviews for publication on your site, tag your review content, share reviews through social media channels, comment on reviews to engage customers, and more.

        In this article, you'll learn how to sort and search your reviews and Q&A. To learn about moderating your reviews, see Moderating Reviews.

        Accessing the moderation panel

        From your Yotpo Reviews main menu, go to Reviews > Moderation

        Review components

        Reviews are made up of the following components. Not all components may be available for all reviews, depending on how the review was posted.

        Star RatingThe star rating determined by the reviewer
        Review TitleThe title of the review
        Review ContentThe content of the review
        User-generated MediaUser-generated photos or videos submitted with the review
        Product NameIn the case of a product review, a link to the Product Page
        WebsiteIn the case of a site review, a link to the homepage
        User NameThe display name from the order or the name provided by the customer
        User EmailThe email the customer provided in the review
        Review SourceThe source of the review. Includes Automatic Review Request, Manual Review Request, On-site Widget, Import, Syndication, and Unknown
        CommentsAny comments that you added to this review
        History LogLists each time the status of this review was updated, including the date of the update and the user who made it

        Searching, sorting, and filtering reviews

        The moderation panel offers the following tools for searching, sorting, and filtering your reviews.

        SearchEnter a query or shopper email address to search reviews and Q&A.You can also search by unique identifiers such as SKU, UPC, MPN, and ISBN.
        Select AllSelect all reviews shown on the viewed page
        RefreshRefresh the list of reviews
        Results Per PageSelect the number of search results shown on the page
        Sort bySort reviews by: Date (newest first), Date (oldest first), With Images / Videos, Star Rating (highest first), Star Rating (lowest first)
        FiltersFilter reviews by: Scheduled To Publish, New Questions, Total Reviews, Total Questions. See Filters for more details
        Advanced FiltersFilter reviews by: Date Range, Content Type, Products, Tags, Status, Star Rating, Media, Comments, Other (flags). See Advanced Filters for more details.
        • View reviews that were published to your site by clicking Product / Site > Moderated > Published to Site.
        • View answered questions by clicking Q&A > Answered >  Answered by past shoppers / Answered by shop owner.


        The following basic filters are available:

        Filter Description 
        Scheduled To PublishReviews that have not been moderated manually or automatically and are scheduled to publish within the next 14 days
        New QuestionsQuestions which have not been moderated
        Total ReviewsTotal of all reviews
        Total QuestionsTotal of all questions 

        Advanced filters

        The following advanced filters are available:

        Filter Description 
        Date RangeFilter reviews by date using one of the predefined options or by choosing a custom date range

        The predefined options are:
        - Last 7 Days- Last 14 Days- Last 30 Days- Last Quarter- All Time

        Click Custom Range to choose a custom date range from the calendar and then click Apply
        Content Type Filter by Product or Site reviews or by Q&A content
        Note: Product and Site review filters may be applied simultaneously
        Sub Status:
        Product & Site Review

        - Display all Product and/or Site reviews

        - Pending to be published to site
        - Pending to be commented on
        - Pending to be pushed to social
        - Published to site
        - Commented on
        - Pushed to social
        - Display rejected Product and/or Site reviews 
        Sub Status:
        - Display all Q&A

        - Pending shoppers' answers
        - Pending owner's answers

        - Answered by past shoppers
        - Answered by shop owner
        - Display rejected Q&A 
        ProductsFilter reviews by product
        Select one or more products from the dropdown to view only the reviews for those products. Products on your blocklist will not appear here.
        Products can be searched by name, ID, UPC, MPN, or SKU
        TagsFilter reviews by tag
        Select one or more tags from the dropdown to view only the reviews that these tags were added to
        StatusFilter by Status to show Pending, Published, Rejected, or Escalated
        Star Rating Refine searches for Product and Site Reviews by Star Rating
        MediaFilter reviews to include only reviews where a shopper submitted an image or a video, or both
        CommentsFilter reviews to include only reviews where you either commented or did not comment directly back to the reviewer
        Flagged for profanity
        Check the box adjacent to Flagged for profanity to display reviews containing profanity
        Flagged for negative sentiment
        Check the box adjacent to Flagged for negative sentiment to display reviews containing negative sentiment
        Note: Currently, Yotpo's Smart Sentiment Analysis is only compatible with English reviews

        Taking action on reviews

        You can perform the following actions from the moderation panel:

        PublishPublish the selected review to your on-site widget(s)
        EscalateEscalate reviews which require further attention
        RejectReject the review. The review will not display on your site but the user won’t be notified that their review was rejected
        TagsAdd tags to your review
        CommentComment on a review
        Push to SocialPush to social media
        Re-send Review RequestSend your customers an additional review request email in order to replace an outdated or inaccurate review with a new one
        Save as site review onlyPublish this review as a site review and not as a product review. Learn more.
        Save as product and site reviewPublish this review as both a product review and a site review. Learn more.

        Learn more about actions you can take on your reviews in Moderating Reviews.

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