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      Walmart Syndication

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        Syndicate your conversion-boosting product reviews directly to The integration between Yotpo and Walmart enables you to maximize the impact of your most influential content and reach your customers wherever they shop.

        In this article, you’ll learn how to syndicate your Yotpo reviews to Walmart.

        How it works

        When you start using Walmart syndication, we'll send one full feed to Walmart. From then on, we'll send incremental feeds to Walmart whenever you have new or updated reviews.

        After the initial feed is sent, the workflow is as follows:

        1. A shopper submits a product review for one of your products.
        2. The product review is moderated by Yotpo’s moderation team to make sure it meets Walmart’s Moderation Guidelines. If it passes, we send the review to Walmart.
          Please note:
          • Reviews that are not related to the products that are sold on Walmart or that do not meet Walmart Moderation Guidelines for other reasons won’t be syndicated to Walmart. This includes reviews that mention shipping or service.
          • Incentivized reviews will not be sent in the feed to Walmart. To learn more about incentivized reviews, go to Moderation Reviews.
        3. Walmart identifies the product using the GTIN you assigned to it (UPC, EAN, or ISBN). Walmart then posts the review on the relevant product page with a badge indicating the origin of the review.

        We’ll update your Walmart Syndication page in Yotpo with the latest syndication data once a week.

        Customers on a Premium or Enterprise plan
        • You can syndicate an unlimited number of reviews each month
        • You can upload as many historical reviews as you like
        • There is an additional fee for using this feature
        Customers on a Pro plan
        • You can syndicate up to 50 reviews per month
        • You can upload up to 1,000 historical reviews


        • Only product reviews will be syndicated
        • Imported reviews will not be syndicated. To learn more about importing reviews, see Importing Reviews to Yotpo.
        • Grouped reviews will not be syndicated. To learn more about grouping products, see Grouping products.
        • Reviews that are internally syndicated across your Yotpo accounts will not be syndicated to Walmart. To learn more about internal syndication, see About Syndication.
        • Reviews with an 'Anonymous' badge will not be syndicated. To learn more about reviewer badges, see Reviewer Badges.
        • Reviews that are not associated with at least one valid GTIN will not be syndicated 

        Setting it up

        To start using Walmart Syndication:

        Step 1: Ask us to enable the Walmart dashboard on your account

        • If you’re on a Premium or Enterprise plan, please reach out to your Yotpo Customer Success Manager
        • If you’re on a Prime plan, please contact Support

        Step 2: Verify that each relevant product in your Yotpo product catalog has a UPC, ISBN, or EAN

        To add this information, you’ll need to add specs to your product catalog. Usually, we’ll pull these details automatically to Yotpo.

        Platform-specific details:

        Once we’ve enabled Walmart syndication on your account, syndication will start automatically. You’ll start seeing your reviews on Walmart within 2-4 weeks.

        Monitoring your reviews

        Your Walmart dashboard will be updated on a weekly basis. 

        To access the dashboard:

        In your Yotpo Reviews main menu, go to Meta & Google > Walmart Syndication.

        The following information is available:

        Syndication overview

        • Number of Yotpo reviews syndicated to Walmart: The total number of reviews sent to Walmart from your Yotpo account
        • Number of reviews matched to products: The total number of reviews matched to products on your store
        • Number of products with reviews: The total number of products on your store that have reviews associated with them, and the number of product variants that are showcasing reviews

        Product status

        • Search by product name, product identifier, or product status to identify how many reviews have been submitted for each of your products
        • View the review on the product page in Walmart by clicking the Walmart URL next to the relevant product

        If you want to slice and dice your data outside of Yotpo, you can export the table to a CSV file.

        FAQ and troubleshooting

        How often are Yotpo reviews synced to

        New or updated reviews are sent to Walmart daily. It might take Walmart 2-to 4 days to publish the review.

        Will product variants be shared with Walmart?

        Yes! Providing the GTIN matches the product in Yotpo and one of the variants of the product on Walmart, the reviews will be shared automatically between all variants of that product.

        How can I see which reviews were syndicated to Walmart?

        You can check the number of reviews syndicated from the Walmart Syndication dashboard. See Monitoring your reviews

        How can I troubleshoot a specific product?
        1. Log into Yotpo Reviews.
        2. Go to Analytics > Walmart Syndication.
        3. Search the table for a specific product by its name or GTIN.
        • If the product is matched and the review is still missing, please contact Walmart support.
        • If the product is unmatched, please check the GTIN and product identifiers in Walmart, and then update your product catalog/Shopify accordingly. See step 2 above
        • If the product is not listed, the GTIN is probably not valid, and therefore the product was not sent. Please check the GTIN and update your product catalog/Shopify accordingly.
        Can I control which reviews are sent to Walmart?

        By default, all reviews which meet Walmart’s guidelines will be sent. Our team of moderators will remove any reviews that do not meet these guidelines, for example, reviews that mention shipping or service, or contain profanity.

        The number of reviews on my store doesn’t match the number of reviews on Walmart. Why?

        There are a few reasons why some of your reviews may not display on Walmart. Please check the following:

        • Your product catalog must be complete and accurate to enable Yotpo to match products on retail and brand websites. Please check your catalog is up-to-date.
        • All of the products in your Yotpo product catalog must have a UPC, ISBN, or EAN.
        • According to Walmart's Moderation Guidelines, each review must be related to a product sold on Walmart. Any reviews that do not meet Walmart Moderation Guidelines, or are not related to a specific product (for example, reviews that mention shipping, service, etc.), will not be syndicated to Walmart.
        • Legacy reviews are sent only for the number of reviews you decided to syndicate at the start of the process
        • Anonymous reviews from import will not be syndicated. These are reviews from other sources that you decided to import to Yotpo but are not from a verified user.
        I have a new review on my site that I can see in the Yotpo admin. How can I syndicate it to Walmart?

        For authenticity purposes, and as part of our agreement with Walmart, once a brand opts in, Yotpo is committed to syndicating to Walmart all future product reviews collected by Yotpo. Any moderation done by the customer in the Yotpo admin will not affect which reviews are syndicated to Walmart.

        Why are some of my reviews missing?

        When reviews are not displaying on, this is usually because either the product family or the syndication is not functioning correctly. Product families enable the sharing of reviews across items that have variants (size, color, fabric, etc.), while syndication facilitates the sharing of reviews from a supplier or brand website to Product families must be set up and maintained by the merchandising team. Please contact your merchant for assistance if reviews are not shared between variants. Learn more in the Walmart Knowledge Base, or contact Walmart support.

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