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        Insights is a management dashboard that helps you understand what shoppers are saying about your brand and products - helping you identify strengths, discover new opportunities for improvement, and make better decisions about your business.

        In this article, you'll learn how to get started with Insights.

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        If you usually get more than 5,000 monthly orders, you may need to pay an additional fee. Please contact your Yotpo representative for further details.

        How it works

        Insights is based on proprietary NLP and deep learning algorithms developed in-house by Yotpo. These algorithms are unique in that they were developed and optimized to understand the language and conventions found specifically in the reviews of products and services. This is a key advantage that helps Insights achieve an accuracy rating that’s around 20% higher than the industry average! 

        By using machine learning to analyze more than 35 million eCommerce reviews generated through Yotpo (and counting), our algorithms are trained to overcome many of the challenges unique to user-generated content. For example, synonymous or closely-associated words are identified and grouped as a single topic resulting in more statistically significant phrases per topic. Moreover, as reviews are notoriously prone to typos, Insights algorithms are able to cope with spelling mistakes and extract insights through contextual analysis 

        Insights also incorporates a sophisticated layer of sentiment analysis capable of identifying sentiment, sentiment polarity, and quantifying the sentiment intensity associated with opinions on topics mentioned in reviews. 

        Furthermore, reviews often contain multiple conflicting sentiments on different topics within the same review e.g. "the product is great but the delivery was slow". In such cases, Insights can automatically parse and extract multiple topics and opinions from a single review to form comprehensive opinions on multiple topics.

        While the Insights algorithm is not 100% accurate, Yotpo strives to reach the most accurate statistical model possible. The Insights algorithm continues to grow smarter with every new review created through Yotpo, and potential data issues can be easily reported to our team straight from the Insights dashboard!

        Getting started

        1. Log into Yotpo Reviews.
        2. In the menu on the left, select Insights.

        The dashboard contains 3 sections:

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