Setting up a Loyalty & Referrals Membership Program

      Setting up a Loyalty & Referrals Membership Program

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        The Yotpo Membership program is a way for customers to purchase access to exclusive benefits. It is a great way to bump revenue and increase customer lifetime value. 

        This campaign can be implemented as a standalone program or in conjunction with a full loyalty program.

        Available for
        Merchants on Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals Platinum and Enterprise plans

        How to create a Yotpo Membership Program

        There are 3 main steps to creating your Yotpo Membership Program:

        1. Create a new membership product in your store

        This product will be your designated membership product. The price you set on this product will be the price of joining your membership program.

        To create the membership product:

        1. Go to your store platform and follow the instructions to create a new product
        2. Create a product page. This is to be the landing page for your new membership program 
        3. Write down the Product ID, as you will need it in the following steps
        Please note:
        Much like any other product, customers will receive points for purchasing it.

        Shopify users have the option to exclude this product from receiving points. Find this setting in your Loyalty & Referrals Admin Settings.

        How to exclude a product ID from earning rewards (Shopify only)

        Available on Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals Gold, Platinum, and Enterprise plans. 

        1. Go to General Settings.
        2. Scroll down to Exclude Product IDs From Earning Rewards.
        3. Enter the product ID of your designated membership product.
          • Please note "Include Shipping and Taxes in Order Total" 
            • When set to Yes, then the customer will still receive points for the tax on excluded products.
            • If it is set to No, customers will receive no points for excluded products.
        4. Click Save to apply your changes

        2. Create a Paid Membership earning rule

        A recommended way to spread awareness of your Paid Membership program is through targeted email campaigns or by sharing your product page.

        To create a new Paid Membership earning rule:

        Shopify and Shopify Plus
        1. In Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals main menu, go to Set Up Program > Rewards Program. 
        2. Click on Create earning rule.
        3. Under Advanced select Paid Membership, then click Next.
        All other eCommerce platforms
        1. In Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals main menu, go to Set Up Program > Earning Rules. 
        2. Click on Create earning rule.
        3. Click Select on Paid Membership.

        Paid Membership earning rule settings

        • Campaign name

        This is the name you will select in the next step when creating the VIP tier. It will appear on your Loyalty & Referrals admin ֿCustomers page

        Please note:
        By default, the campaign will not appear on-site.

        • Product ID

        Enter the product ID for the product you created in your store for the membership. See where to find the Product ID on your platform

        1. Click Create to finish.
        Customers who are not already opted into your Loyalty program will be automatically opted in upon completing the Paid Membership campaign.

        3. Add a new VIP tier

        The Yotpo Membership is a yearly membership. If the customer wants to continue an additional year, they need to repurchase the membership product any time before their current year runs out.

        Follow these steps to set up a new VIP tier:

        1. Open Programs dropdown tab.
        2. Click VIP Tiers.
        3. Scroll down and click + Add New Tier.
        4. Enter a Name and Description for the tier.
        5. Under +Add Threshold Select Campaign Completed.
        6. Select the Paid Membership campaign you created.
          Please note:
          The checkbox "Apply entry threshold to tier retention and re-entry" can not be unselected in this campaign
          • Entry Reward
            Set the number of points/type of coupon you want to reward for entering this tier.
          • Points Multiplier
            Set the points multiplier you want tier members to receive. Read more about choosing a points multiplier
        7. Click on Apply to Tiers to create a new tier.
        The Paid Membership tier will always be the highest-ranking tier in your program and therefore appear at the bottom of your tier list.
        See other benefits to offer in this tier Some of the following benefits may require custom implementation.
        • Permanent discount
        • Surprise discounts
        • Free shipping
        • Birthday gift
        • Seasonal gifts 
        • Free swag
        • Access to exclusive products
        • Access to events and secret sales
        • Special content
        Recommended global tier gettings
        • Tier Term
          It is recommended to set the tier term to "Rolling Year" so that customers that paid for the yearly program will get exactly 12 months of tier status.
          Repurchasing the Membership product will renew their tier status for an additional year.
        • Tier entry eligibility period
          It is recommended to set it to "rolling year."
        • Tier Downgrade
          It is recommended to set it to "Downgrade to eligible tier" to prevent cases in which customers drop to a VIP tier they don't qualify for.
        • Delay tier eligibility
          Note that this setting does not apply to Paid Membership. Regardless of this setting, the customer will gain the tier immediately after they pay, without delay.
        Recurring billing note
        If you have recurring billing set up such as Recharge, make sure that you notify the customer before they get charged for a renewal. This will not be done automatically.

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