How to Create Engaging SMS Experiences with Yotpo Loyalty Segmentation

      How to Create Engaging SMS Experiences with Yotpo Loyalty Segmentation

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        Winning customer loyalty is one of the best ways to raise brand awareness, drive repeat sales and really stand out from the competition. SMS has become the ideal channel to achieve all that with its unmatched speed and convenience. In fact, 70% of consumers say they prefer to use their phones to engage with brands’ loyalty programs over other marketing channels.

        Integrating Yotpo SMS & Email with your Loyalty program will enable you to target customers with hyper-personalized messages at just the right moment, giving you access to over 14+ data points you can use to segment audiences to the finest detail. Use them to promote your Loyalty program to SMS subscribers, send point balance reminders, share special offers, and more. 

        This article will walk you through the Loyalty segmentation filters and shortcodes in Yotpo SMS & Email, and how to add them to your messages. It will help you segment your SMS subscribers into specific categories you can target individually and open the door for many new engagement opportunities. 

        Creating a Yotpo Loyalty Segment 

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Audience > Lists & Segments.
        2. Click Create list or segment
        3. Choose Segment from the Type drop-down menu, enter a unique name for your segment that will help you distinguish it from the rest, and click on the Create button.You will see a drop-down menu with all available data points you can use to segment your audience.
          New Segment
        4. Find the Yotpo Loyalty filter and select it.

        Loyalty Filters

        The Yotpo Loyalty datapoints

        With Yotpo Loyalty, you can choose from 14 data points to create specific audience segments and launch highly personalized SMS campaigns: 

        • Loyalty program member: This filter will check whether or not the customer has opted into your loyalty program. 
        • Membership date: Filter customers based on the date or period they opted into your loyalty program. 
        • Has/Has not engaged with the loyalty program: With the help of this data point, you can segment customers based on the date they last interacted with your loyalty program. 
        • Points expiration date: Filter subscribers based on the date on which their loyalty points will expire. 
        • Last redeemed date: Easily filter customers by the date or period they last redeemed loyalty points. 
        • Entered current VIP tier: Specify the date or period when the customer entered their current VIP tier. 
        • VIP tier expiration date: The date or period in which the customer's current VIP tier will expire.
        • Points earned: The number of points the customer has earned (all time).
        • Points balance: The customer's current point balance.
        • Total number of point redemptions: The number of times a customer has redeemed points (all time).
        • Total redeemed points: The number of points redeemed by the customer for rewards (all time).
        • Current VIP tier: The customer's current VIP tier status.
        • Total number of successful referrals: The number of successful referrals made by the customer (all time), as defined in your Referral Program settings.
        • Customer was referred by someone else: Checks whether or not the customer was referred by someone else to the loyalty program.

        To segment audiences to your liking, click the filter of your choice.

        Yotpo SMS & Email’s segmentation allows you to add as many rules as you wish, narrowing down your audiences and delivering a unique customer experience. You can target customers who aren’t loyalty members yet and encourage them to join; customers who recently joined your loyalty program and welcome them; or customers who have enough points but never made a redemption. Feel free to mix and match!

        Add step

        Yotpo Loyalty shortcodes

        Once a segment is created, start sending hyper-targeted messages using the Yotpo Loyalty Shortcodes that can be added to your SMS campaigns, flows, or automations. Simply choose the desired Loyalty segment as your target audience, and you’ll have access to the loyalty shortcodes. 


        You’ll find the following shortcodes based on the data points selected in the segment: 

        • Points Balance: The customer's current point balance.
        • Credit Balance: The customer's current point balance.
        • VIP Tier Name: The customer's current VIP tier.
        • Points Expiration Date: The date on which the customer’s loyalty points will expire.
        • VIP Tier Expiration Date: The date or period when the customer's current VIP tier will expire. 
        • Last Redemption Date: The date the customer's last redeemed loyalty points.

        Remember that you’ll gain access to specific shortcodes based on the segment rules you have previously added. 

        Data points and shortodes

        When crafting your text message, click on the button for more shortcodes, scroll to the Yotpo Codes you wish to add, click on them, and continue sending your campaign.


        In the end, your message will look something like this: 


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