Sending a Targeted Site Review after Invoice

      Sending a Targeted Site Review after Invoice

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        Starter, Pro, Premium, Enterprise

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        Shopify, Shopify Plus, Adobe Commerce (Magento), BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Volusion, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Custom

        Site Review After Invoice helps users on non-supported platforms automatically send site review requests to customers.

        Please note:
        • Only use this feature if you cannot successfully integrate the Automatic Review Request feature
        • This feature can be added upon request on selected Yotpo plans. To find out if this feature is included in your plan, check out our pricing page

        As this solution reads invoices instead of actual orders, its properties differ from the automatic review request in 2 aspects - The Reviewer Badge and The Customer name:

        Reviewer Badge Properties

        All the reviews are Site Reviews and shown with a Verified Reviewer badge

        Customer Name Properties

        The customer's name isn't pulled automatically from the invoice. The name is pulled from the email address associated with the relevant customer. 

        This means that the name that is included in the Site Review After Invoice will be one of the following options:

        • If the source email where the Site Review is sent from has a name associated with the destination email address (i.e. the destination email and its details exist in the sender's contact list), that name will be pulled. For example, if has the name John Smith associated with it in the source email's list of existing contacts, the review request will use the name John Smith
        • If there is no name associated with the destination email address, meaning it isn't part of the source email's existing contact list - the username of the email will be used (i.e. everything that precedes the @ section of the email address). For example, will have the johnsmith on the review request

        Getting started

        To access Site Review After Invoice - In your Yotpo Reviews main menu, go to Emails > Site Review After Invoice.

        Configuring the "From" email

        Enter the 'from' email address(es) for the invoice email sent to your customers, for example,, in the Please enter your invoice email address field.

        Separate multiple email addresses by a space " "

        Configuring the BCC email

        Copy the special email address that Yotpo gives you to the bcc field in the email service that you are using to send invoices to your customers:

        Configuring the Review Submission Settings

        As review submission forms are rendered differently across various browsers, devices, and email clients, Yotpo offers you the ability to choose the form-type you wish to display to your customers. The Review Submission Settings allow you to choose between the formats outlined below. 

        Real-time Optimization
        Detects the device and email client used to open review request emails and will automatically display the review submission form that is most personalized and compatible at that time. 
        In-mail form Your customers will receive the review submission form in-mail and will be able to submit their reviews directly through the email. 
        Landing pageUpon clicking on the star rating, your customer will be directed to submit their review via an external landing page.

        Configuring the site review automation email

        To access Site Review After Invoice - In your Yotpo Reviews main menu, go to Emails > Site Review After Invoice.

        To change the content of the review request:

        • Subject: type the text you want to appear into the Subject field
        • Body: type the text you want to appear into the Body field
        • Call To Action: type in the action you ask of your customer
        • Signature: type the text you want to appear into the Signature field

        You can use the following variables which will be replaced in the review request:

        • {user} - the name of the reviewer
        • {store_name} - the name of your store

        To send a test email:

        1. Click Send Test.
        2. Enter an email address in the Send field.
        3. Click Send Test at the bottom of the screen.
        4. Click Save Changes.

        Spam limitations

        Spam limitation rules ensure that your customers receive the optimum number of emails at the most appropriate intervals and are not spammed. 

        The following rules apply to these emails:

        1. The email will not be sent to all customer emails with unsubscribe status.
        2. If a customer email has already submitted a site review, they will not receive any additional requests.

        To learn more about email policies and spam limitations, go to Email Policies.

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